The "haunted" house.

This story's about three young girls and a toddler who go to a supposedly haunted house and then find out it was just there friend fooling around... (It started of as our drama assessment play!).

One day after school, Sam ran home as fast as she could to meet her little sister Nikki-jo. "Hi Nikki! Sam said still out of breath. I ran as fast as I could so we could  practise our dance! "GOO GOO GAA GAA". Nikki-jo screached. She was very excited as she loved the dance so much! And it was to her favourite song. Bad by Michael Jackson.

After a couple of minutes India and Bethan arrived at mine. They started coming down the stairs to my room, (as my room's in the basement) and then they stopped... "OH MY GOD! Look what Sam's wearing! giggled India... Oh yeh, Gosh! that looks so weird, I mean she's twelve and acts like a two year old" replied Bethan.

When India and Bethan got to the bottom of the stairs. India walked over to me and pulled my hat of. "Hey! I was wearing that!" I screamed as I pulled it back on. "Well you look stupid it has a bunnie's face on it! Now get it of, were going to be late for our appointment!" India said. "Appointment? appointment with who?" Sam asked. "Duh! The appointment with the spectacular, spooky... haunted house!" Bethan sang with a scary tone. "GOO GAA GAA" Nikki squealed as she played with her sleeve. She knew there was going to be spiders there. So she was very excited.

We headed of down the road to the haunted house. But obviously before we could do that Nikki and Sam had to stop for a few snacks and then eventully we reached the haunted house. "Hey wait! Bethan you've got the bag..." India thought. "Yes I have got the bag! And it's my bag." Bethan explained like we were all thick. "Well... The chocolates are in that bag, And I don't trust you with chocolates!" India said starting to run after Bethan. And then India eventully caught it.

"WOW! It's big!" India gasped. "I know" Bethan replied. "My uncle never said it was this big and he talks about it all the time... You know India? He used to work there? "Oh... yeh! India said looking confused.

When we got right up to the door we turned the handle, But it didn't open! "Oh no! We've got all this way and now it's locked. Oh well we'll just have to go". Sam said sounding a bit upset. As I was finishing them last few word's, Bethan had bent India's hair clip and had unlocked the door.

"CREEK!" Went the door as it slowly opened. We stepped inside...

As got inside the house or should I call it a MANSION! we all gasped and gazed. Well not all of us Nikki just wen't, "GAA GAA SPIDERS...". " Is this it? I mean is this the right house?" Sam asked bouncing with excitement. "Yeh I think so. This is 24 Brockland street. Isn't it Bethan?" asked India. "Yes of course it is! I know this area back to front. I mean I practicly live here!" explained Bethan.

As we were exploring we heard and found lots of strange things... Like: Medicines from the "Great Oak Tree"  made in 1743, And Party banners with blood on. Was this all a cruel joke set up by someone?

About two hours later Sam, Nikki and Bethan were just messing about pretending to be zombies and eat eachothers brains when...  AAAHHHHHH!

Siilence... After the scream there was complete and utter silence. But where was India?

We all rushed over to were we last saw india, Which was over by the stairs and there was a open trap door in the middle of the stairs! "GIGGLES...". "Nikki! Stop laughing India could of really hurt herself and there's no way of helping her without is getting trapped to!" Screamed Bethan. "Wait! The rope... Oh darn it! India's got that in the bag!" Sam Said still thinking of a way to find India.

A few hours had passed and everyone was getting quite tired. "Can we go to sleep?" Sam asked. "GAAA YESSSSS!" Nikki muttered under her breath. We knew Nikki was tired all along, But Nikki would never admit that! "Yeh ok! We need sleep it's been along day and plus we still need to find india" Bethan replied. And then we all fell asleep...

"Huh? Can it be? No it can't be. But it is! No it's not. Yes it is... It's Michael Jackson's Thriller!" Sam screams excitedly. (Thriller music plays). As Sam is dancing to Michael Jackson with all her strange, little moved. Bethan and Nikki start to wake up.

"Sam!? What are you doing?" Asked Bethan. "Dancing to Michael Jackson!" Sam replied back. "Hey... It stopped!" Said Sam looking pretty upset. "Hey wait a minute..." Explained Bethan. "If Thriller came on and then just went of... Who was playing it? Asked Bethan looking around. Looking quite scared. "We beeeeeen haunwed bee Midel Jamster!" Nikki said laughing.

Sam and Nikki decided to go a different way to Bethan to look for India. After a while everyone was starting to get freaked out and started to go back to look for eachother. As Sam and Bethan were both walking backwards they didn't realise they were walking right into eachother! "AAAHHHH! They both screamed! There hearts racing and Nikki wetting herself laughing. "HAHAHAAAA! Yew tew silly! Hahaha...

"OH MY GOD!" Bethan said... "Is that... India lying on the floor?" Sam and Bethan both looked eachother with a puzzeled expression on there faces... "AAAAHHHHH!" We all screamed, Even Nikki and I didn't think she was scared of anything.

After a few minutes India moved... "AAAHHHHH!" India screamed. Then she started laughing. "Hahaha, You should of seen your faces! You were so scared!" Cried India struggling for breath... "You sick person!" Sam screamed. "Yeh we thought you were dead!". Bethan said also screaming. "Yeh well... I'm not dead! So let's just head of home. Ok? India said still struggling for breath.

When we got home we ate the chocolates and the sandwiches, Ad we had no time to at the "Haunted" house. And in the end we all sat down and laughed about it again and again... Or did we get home?

The End

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