The haunted hospital

About me walking past an abandoned hospital , I go in and and get scared back out

                                             The Haunted Hospital!

One day I was walking past an old abandoned hospital, it had all spray paint words on it and I thought that it was stupid to do something like that!

I slowly approached the hospital and opened the door “CREAK,” I whispered to myself “OMG that was freaky!” I eventually stepped into the hospital but as soon as I did I heard a loud banging noise, “is there anybody there?” I questioned.

I quietly walked up to the morgues where dead bodies were kept (that is so gross!) As I got up to the morgues I could smell a really bad smell and I realized it was the morgues, T sat down because it felt like someone was sitting on my shoulders.

When I sat down I heard a creepy voice and it sounded like it said DIE! , I screamed “that’s it im out of here!!” I ran as fast as I could to the nearest house and started crying on their door step.

The lady who answered the door said “who are you and what’s the matter?” “it doesn’t matter about that just take me home!” I screamed, and so she did

                                                The End!

                       By Rebecca Wright!

The End

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