The secrets of Haven

"Darinal I know i can trust you to keep it quiet." Rickard said almost indiscernably to his friend. He had just explained the whole situation and was unsure of the one armed boy that he had glimpsed trying to listen in. "Anyway, can I borrow a weapon while your fixing that one?" Rickard motioned towards a wall that had numerous hand crafted blades fastened to it as a display.

"Why yes old friend I have just the one. Fresh out of the forge!" Darinal grabbed one of the longswords and handed it to Rickard, handle first. Rickard drew it and inspected it. It was made from hand forged sprung steel, it was fairly plain but well constructed and it glistened brilliantly as it caught the sunlight. The handle was fairly plain aswell made simply of wood with a simple hand guard. I was a very plain sword, but it was expertly crafted. Rickard thought of it as like a king in peasant dress.

"Nothing but the best from you. My old friend."


"Um, hi." Zephiel stuttered to one of the women who threw the fireballs. She turned and looked down upon the boy who, to her, appeared to be some random peasant.

"Who the hell do you think you are talking to?" She shouted. She raised her hand angrily.

"The king of Hated." Alana called sharply. Her voice stayed the womans hand.

"My lord, please take my sincere apologies." The woman said again, kneeling and speaking with a humbled tone now. "My name is Helena."

"Err, its fine Helena." Zephiel was unsure how to treat this woman. As he was disguised as a peasant the young king thought it appropriate to act like one. He had been learning about to act less regal from Alana. He felt uncomfortable now as she knew who he was. "What are you doing here?"

"This my lord is Havens greatest secret and greatest defence against any foe. Only people of the original lineage of Haven can use it. The secret is called magic."

"Magic? Thats a fairy tale, like with princesses locked in towers and-"

"Its real" Alana said cutting Zephiel off, he didn't mind. He respected Alana enough to allow that. She made a small flame appear in her hand and then it vanished.

"Well why are you all practicing so hard?" He asked as he looked around the secret training field. The mage women were working themselves to death. The women danced majestically around the field rolling fire from there palms. Helena looked up to Alana, who stood as upright and strong as a tree trunk.

"The people of Haven are very much in touch with nature, we rarely go to war." Alana continued to stare forward into the mountains as she spoke. "However, on Rickards request we are on standby. War is coming my lord. Soon, battle shall begin." Alana looked hatefully at the mountains. To her they seemed like the teeth of a great beast, taunting her, begging her to bring her army and use it to feed it. Her gaze was fixed, she feared for the future and her people.


The End

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