The Magician and The Blacksmith

"My Lord, I would kindley like to request that you remain with Alana. She will show you a bit about Haven. You must, Im afraid where peasant clothing." Rickard said, he was wearing a brown shirt, although the biggest they could find it was two tight around his massive muscles.

"I understand, I will happily go with Alana." Zephiel replied flashing a grin at Alana. No more words were spoken, Alana smiled at Rickard as she left with the young king.

Rickard left second, he needed now to get his weapons repaired, he knew just the man in town to do it. He walked slowly towards the blacksmiths, nodding at passers by. None of them seemd to notice the massive sack he had hauled over his back. The sun was high in the sky and the warmth bathed Haven in a golden glow.

"The finest weapons outside of Hated" Rickard read the sign aloud before proceeding into the blacksmiths. There he saw a large man named Darina. Whom he already knew and his son. He caught a glimpse of another younger looking man who had only one arm.

"Hail!" Darina called cheerfully. The two men embraced before he continued. "What brings you to my humble blacksmith?"

"My sword needs a bit of repairs." Rickard replied, a great smile across his face. "But I need you to keep it quiet. Nobody is to know I am here."

"I see, no worries my friend your secret is safe with me." Darinas smile faded as he took the sack and unrapped Rickards Claymore. "So why all the secrets?"

Zephiel walked a long way with Alana, they hardley spoke as they went. They passed shops, houses, the market and eventually ended up in a clearing. There were groups of women wearing battle armour sparring, Zephiel was shocked to see one seemingly create a fireball in her hand and throw it at another.

"What the heck was that?" Zephiel cried.

"Ahh, that my young king is the secret of Haven." Alana replied quietly. "Magic is taught here and only here."

The End

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