Return to the Kingdom

"Get on with it" Chancellor Macian bellowed at his commerce reporters. Tradesmen, laborers and guardsmen rushed all around. "Yes lower the taxes!" He shouted again. A man rushed in wearing a helmet and bowed to Macian. "How long are the refurbishments going to take!?"

"Even with all the men I have sir at least two weeks!" The man replied

"Make it three days and I will double your pay!" Macian replied, for some reason still shouting. He walked towards thw window and stared out at Hated, his new Kingdom. The sun was just peeking over the mountains making a brilliant orange light reflect off the entire city. The sounds of hammers, saw and men at work sounded as hundreds worked to rebuild and refurbish the broken kingdom of Hated.

Macian pulled out a scroll and began to tick things off a list. He chuckled to himself for a short while. Phase 2 of his grand plan was almost complete.

The End

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