And we meet again.

And we meet again!


My mum parked the car right outside the door of Nanas' big house and I was severely warned not to cause trouble. Anyhow, me being me, I ran upstairs to Nanas' room expecting to be met with the difficulty of having to find the hat. No! The hat was sitting on Nanas' bed as if it had not gone anywhere scince the day Nana left.

I walked over to it and grabbed it. Much to my surprize, the hat was very obedient! I went to put it on my head but it was way to small. It wasn't to small when it was on the bed, it actually looked quite big! Off my head, I took it and placed it on Nanas' dresser. I turned it upside down to check if there was any elastic like stuff or anything inside it, making it shrink.

I left the hat alone, purposly not putting it back on the bed.

I ran down the stairs and banged into Rene. My mother seen and drew me a look. Rene had been looking in Mamas' old bedroom so I went with him to have a quick peek. She had a stunning pink room and a huge white wardrobe.

Outside the wardrope there was a hat stand full of hats. There was pink hats, white hats, black hats but the hook at the top of the stand had nothing on it. I looked closely at the hook then written on it was...

Magic hat, do NOT touch.

My heart was in my nouth as I read this.



It wasn't the hat all along! It was the fumes coming off the hat that was driving me mad.

Now my only question was....Where did mama get the hat?

The End

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