Once I told my mum about the mirror she went mental. She marched me upstairs and we swept up the pieces and put the broken glass into the bucket. The hairbrush that had fell was not broken thankfully and we took Cindy downstairs. I clutched Cindy tight, not wanting to drop her. Nana used to baby-sit Rene and I when we were younger and we all used to have tea partys. Nana would take us out to her beautiful, flowery garden and we would have a little pick -nick. I would sit next to Cindy and Nana would sit next to Rene and Rene would bring his bear, Alfie to the pick-nick. We had such fun, how I wish we could do it all over again....

"Joanna, JOANNA ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO ME?" I heard mother scream.

"Ermm, yes mother." I said.

"Then what was my question?"

"Eh....." Why would she even ask that, she knew I wasn't on this planet.

"I knew it! Ok, listen to me this time! Why on Earth did the mirror fall? It certainly could not have fallen all by its self so how did it smash?" She questioned.

"I....I...." I couldn't tell her.

When we got home I thought better than keeping it a secret and told her. She looked at me like I was a loony but what does that matter? It did happen and I know it did! She asked several questions and then told me I was loop-de-loop. She insisted on taking me to a doctor to get check-ups but I refused. I was not 'loop-de-loop' I was there and it did happen.

Never mind my mother, we are going back tomorrow to have a look at the house so I shall meet my old pal, Mr Hat, again!

The End

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