The Hat

Amazingly mind boggeling story!

Nanas' House


We got the phone call today. Nana has died. She had a severe illness and mama says it was best for her to go. It's times like this that you pray heaven exists! So we had to go to her house to collect some of her belongings as my papa wants them. Next week, we are moving into Nanas' house. I love the idea of moving into a new house and making new friends in the neighbourhood and all but it kind off freaks me out too. I mean, she is dead and she will have sat on the couch we will sit on and she would have washed her hands in the sink I will brush my teeth in and so on.

Mama, Rene and I went to Nanas' house to get some of her stuff (Rene is my older brother.) As soon as I got there, I raced up to her room to collect her beautiful china doll, Cindy. Sitting on her bed was a weird looking hat. It had three arm-like things sticking out of it in all directions. My eyes were failing me as I couldn't tell whether the hat was brown, blue or gold! I reached out to pick up the hat and it done the weirdest thing.

The hat shot forwards like lightning, out of my reach. I had the weirdest sensation as on the outside I felt like I needed the hat and I kept plunging forwards to get it. On the inside, however, I wanted to leave it alone and get Cindy then go home again. I ran after it, knocking over Nanas' mirror and hairbrush, desperate for the hat. As I turned to look at Nanas' broken mirror the hat was away like a dash. My eyes filled with tears as I felt a sudden pang of guilt. One part of me wanted to stand and look at the mirror and pray to Nana and apoligise but the the other half of me wanted to try and find the hat.

I couldn't help myself, my legs were walking over to Nanas' bed and my knees crouched down. The hat was nowhere to be seen! I searched the whole room and it was nowhere to be seen!

It kind of dissapeared into thin air but I had to see the hat again.

The End

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