The Hat

A short sweet story.

"Excuse me, is this your hat?" the old man asked.

He held out the handsome tilby; it was pale with a brightly coloured band.

The other replied that it wasn't and so the old man turned around.

"This hat, is it yours?" he asked again.

The young man looked up, confused.

"No." he answered and went back to staring out of the sunny window.

Now, the old man was getting slightly annoyed. There were only so many people on a bus, who would have a hat. It was just lying in the aisle.

"Shall I ask the gentleman infront of me?" The frst man asked that old man, having watched his pitiful attempts.

"Please," the old man said as he handed the hat over, "Someone will want that one back. It's a very nice hat."

The hat was passed around the bus. Some gentlemen were annoyed at being disturbed, others amused, and a few simply confused. The hat was rather small and almost too bright for a man, for men's fashion definatly. But still it was passed down the bus and back up the other row again. The old man watched still slightly confused. He watched as they all declined it and passed it on; the blonde man, the fat man, the short man, the business man, the sporty man, the holidaymaker and the grandfather. The old man sighed as the travaller passed the hat back to the last man on the bus, the family man. He had his daughter by his side, who watched as the travaller turned around and asked the inevitable question, "Is this your hat?"

The family man smiled and reached for it.

"No, it's not mine, but it's hers." The hat may have been too small for a man, but just right for a girl, and too bright for a man, but bright enough for her.

As the bus stopped at the family man's destination, the girl jammed the hat on her head and walked forward. Everyone watched as the young girl with the hat walked out of the bus with her father in tow. And the old man smiled as he watched the hat disappear along with the girl.

The End

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