“Nine ball okay?” Jay asked, digging in his pocket for a quarter to flip.


“Heads or tails?”

“Tails,” Chloe decided after a millisecond of deliberation.

The coin flipped mezmerizingly through the air and landed back in Jay’s outstretched palm before he quickly flipped it onto the back of his other hand.

“Feeling lucky?” he inquired before revealing the coin.


And Chloe was lucky. It was tails.

With a smirk, she positioned herself and confidently sent the cue ball flying into the middle of all the others. The one ball dropped into a pocket and Chloe almost had the two ball as well.

“Very lucky,” Jay mumbled right before his shot sunk the two ball and his next sunk the three. The game moved quickly with both players sinking the balls left and right. Four balls gone, five balls gone, six balls, seven balls, eight.

Before Chloe could realize that it was almost over, she was placing her cue in front of the cue ball for a shot at number nine. The ball seemed to roll in slow motion, stopping a centimeter short of the pocket.

With his trademark smile, Jay made an easy movement and the nine ball dissapeared into the forboding darkness of a corner pocket. His mind was going wild with fantasies about the next part of the evening. Chloe felt fear in the pit of her stomach as something changed in Jay's baby blue eyes. His simple decree gave her goose bumps.

“I win.”

The End

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