This Could Work

“So, uh, Chloe. What are you doing on Halloween?” Jay asked casually.

“I don’t have any plans yet. Why, what are you doing?” Chloe responded carefully. She decided it was best to ditch any ideas about going to the Halloween dance with Alex. It sounded like she was about to recieve an opportunity that she just couldn't pass up.

“Well, some friends of mine are having a big party. And, you know, I could use somebody to go with…”

“As it happens, I have a couple of movie tickets for saturday night at eight. Why don’t we trade off? You come to the movies with me and I’ll make sure you don’t go to that party alone.”

Jay was the most beautiful human being on earth. He smiled smugly at Chloe’s clever response. He had to give her some credit for thinking on her feet like that.

“I think that could work,” Jay told the swooning girl beside him. Though his reply wasn’t as smooth, Chloe would have been just as amazed at watching his mouth move no matter what he said. He ran his hand through his messy brown hair.

“Guess I’ll see you saturday, then,” Chloe just managed to say before a couple of jocks stole Jay's attention. With that, he faded into a cloud of friends down the hall.

The End

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