“What’s up Jay? Hi, Jay, I’m Chloe. Hey Jay. You might not know who I am…” Chloe practiced greeting him in the mirror; without much success in her opinion. She pulled her fingers through her hair and then grabbed the brush again, she had gotten up early that morning to straighten her hair and wouldn't stand for any imperfections.

Still without any idea of what she was going to do to get Jay’s attention, Chloe decided that she would just wing it. With ten minutes before the bus would arrive, she grabbed a granola bar and walked to her bus stop. She was really dreading that five minute wait as she stood there with Alex, waiting for the bus to come.

But Alex wasn’t there. Maybe he overslept. Maybe he was sick; though he had seemed fine last night. Normally, as his best friend, she would have called him, but with the current situation…

The bus came a few minutes late. Chloe looked back down the road regretfully but decided to try and forget about Alex for the moment so she could focus on the task at hand. Jay.

As she got off the bus she could see his car pull into the parking lot. And he was alone. It was her chance.

The End

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