Aw, Jay

“I’m already in love with someone but he barely knows I exist.” Chloe murmured after wandering to her room. The night with Alex had been strange. No doubt about it, Alex probably won't give her a second look for the rest of the week.

That's perfectly fine though. It’s just what she wished for. With Alex out of the way, she actually had a chance with Jay. Aw, Jay.

He’s the hottest guy in all of school. He’s the leader of the popular crew, football captain and king of the school. Of course he’s not king without ex-Queens one through, um, about the whole entire population of females, but Chloe. It was her turn to shine.

Chloe prepared her outfit for school and then got into bed early. She needed to be rested if she was going to try and get Jay’s attention. It was oh so important for him to know who she was before she declared her love to him.

Though that would be the stupidest thing to do, Chloe still needed something to talk about to start a conversation with him. She didn’t sleep at all, trying to figure out her first words to him.

The End

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