Self Control

Plunking down on the couch  and squeezing his eyes shut to try and calm himself, Alex searched for something to talk about while Chloe chose a movie.

“So… er, where’s your mom tonight?”

“Working as usual,” Chloe sighed, “She’s in her office upstairs.”

“Oh,” Alex replied. In order to keep his eyes off of the fact that Chloe’s spaghetti strap had slipped off her shoulder, Alex leaned back and focused on the blank, white ceiling.

Chloe had changed so much in the last year. She had always been smiling and happy and confident before. Now… well, now Alex wasn’t sure what to think. He wasn't sure what kind of transformation she had gone through. He still loved her just as much, but he worried about her.

Chloe popped in some old comedy movie and sat down next to Alex. It was slightly easier to pay attention to the movie when she brought her knees to her chest and pulled a blanket over her tanned legs. Somewhere in the back of Alex’s mind, a warning flashed: MATH PROJECT . But he shoved the thought from his conciousness and tried to think about the way Chloe was acting. He needed to firgure out what was the matter with her. At last he just decided to come right out and ask.

“Chloe,” he started hesitantly, “What’s wrong?”

The End

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