In A While Crocodile

Chloe faked a cough and changed the subject again, “Will I see you later?”

“Maybe. My parents are out, so I won’t have anything to eat besides frozen lasagna from a week ago. And that could be dangerous. But I have that math project to finish tonight…” Alex seemed to be facing an inner battle as he spoke. He must have lost because he let out a long sigh.

“Want to come over for dinner?” Chloe suggested, already knowing that Alex couldn’t resist the invitation.

“Yeah. Thanks.”

“See you later alligator,” Chloe sang. She waved and walked up her driveway, into her little brick house, the picture of suburbia. Alex continued a few houses down and across the street to a house with a dog sitting in the front yard, happily wagging its tail.

“Come on Goldie,” Alex called. It wasn’t a very original name, but he was only seven when he recieved the golden retriever as a Christmas present. After throwing his things down inside, Alex turned to face the calculator, pile of papers, colored pencils and posterboard on the kitchen table.

He was never going to be able to get it finished by tomorrow. That however, would not stop him from eating dinner with Chloe.

The End

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