The Happy Fault

Jessica curled up in the fetal position and cried. It wasn't supposed to turn out this way, was it? The first love was the supposed to be the best, wasn't it? Things weren't supposed to be so so hard on a teenage girl in love. Jessica felt people's arms around her but it didn't matter. He was gone. He would always, always be gone. It didn't really matter what they said if he wouldn't ever come back.

Days turned into months. She often found herself in their places. The old coffee shop, the meadow in the woods where he first saw her, the treehouse in Tyler's backyard. She cried everywhere she went and soon people started to avoid her. It was almost as if she was wherever he was now. Except that she couldn't see him. Couldn't hear him. Couldn't hold his hand.

Even Mirel avoided her. Her best friend. Mirel was hanging out with Francie now. Jessica figured it was only right. She wasn't much for being with live people now. Her parents didn't even seem to be there any longer. She tried to remember what it was like to have fun, but she wasn't sure she even knew the meaning of the word fun anymore. Her therapist kept telling her not to dwell on the past but if this was her present was there any hope for her future? She often found herself thinking such thoughts. She probably would've hated who she became if her past met her present. But her past never thought he'd ever be gone.

When they found her body, they cried, too. People thought the world would never be the same. Especially Mirel. Mirel had found her body, dangling in the open doorway. But everyone got through it. They learned how to laugh, and how not to remember. And they lived on, with two new bodies lying peacefully next to each other, forever together in death as they never could've been in life.

The End

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