The Handling of the Crappy B00k

An instruction manual of sorts...

After reading the final page, Joe gently closed the book and looked at the cover. Normally after completing a book Joe felt a sense of accomplishment. But not this time. No, this time he felt irritated. The book was about career planning and Joe had trudged his way through it in hopes of finding some much needed career guidance. As Joe stared at the cover - the decorative font used to illustrate the title, the warm red color that had made the book look so enticing from a distance, the author's traditional sounding name - he began to ponder its demise. He had learned nothing. He was no better off than he was before he began reading it. This book had to go. Quickly. It had no place on his book shelf amongst the other books he'd accrued and chose to display. 

The lukewarm coffee didn't help the situation either. Joe couldn't stand cold coffee. 

As Joe opened the door leading to his third floor patio, the autumn atmosphere washed over him. The temperature was cool and refreshing, the treetops were beginning to morph from summer vibrant to autumn warm, and air smelled fresh. Taking one last look at the crappy book, Joe frisbee-tossed it as far as he could. It twirled and sailed through the treetops brushing up against leaves, pine needles, and branches before bouncing off of a tree trunk. As it descended and gradually disappeared, Joe began to smile. 

The End

The End

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