Before they can utter a single harsh word you feel light. Light feels warm, and exposing. You cringe, but are drawn towards the bright. You see a hand come out of the darkness. They cringe as they see who it is. They run away as HE approaches. Your still kneeling, crying, not looking up, slowly rocking back and forth wanting it all to end. You feel a presence next to you. He bends down and touches your back. Hope shoots out of His hands. You look up and see the most handsome face in the entire world. He's crying but smiling at the same time. You can see that it pains Him to see you in despair. He holds out His hand. You wonder if you should take it, is it just another trick? You slowly lift up your hand, never leaving his gaze. You softly put your hand in His. He gently squeezes it and reaches down to pick you up. You hide your face in His white cloak, away from the darkness. You can hear the snickering, but their only hiding their fear. He carries you out of there, and sets your feet on the path you were once on. He looks you in the eye, takes your hand, and says softly "Your never alone."

The End

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