Chapter Two- ShonMature

            "Ah, Mr. and Ms. Westbrook. How lovely for you to grace us with your presence." The sane, sound voice of Mrs. Lavell broke through the air, as my sister and I arrived to our first period. The whole ordeal of school a silly jester to us, a mere act for a public demise, yet necessary.

"Mrs. Lavell, how beautiful you look today too." I smiled over at her, my eyes doing a once over at the same time. It seems that over summer she acquired a new attire, something  that did more for her than those flappy pants and lose shirts she seemed to favor before. She did look nice.

              "Yes, well you're still late. Please, take your seats and do try to be on time from now on." Of course, we must try to be, I mimicked her proper tone of speaking in my head as Grace and I found a pair of seats off to the wall. Beside us a girl sat staring out the window, her long hair blonde, and wavy. "And I will not tolerate any shenanigans this year, you two best behave yourselves."

"Sure thing." Grace's voice caught in my ear, her response short.

                "Carrying on then," Mrs. Lavell continued, her hands moving in a fierce set of motions as she drone on about Romeo and Juliet and their death-destined story. Hadn't this been a discussion brought up amongst middle school students? Weren't we in high school? And who was this strange new girl, and what was she staring at. "Ms. Grayson, would you please be so kind as to repeat what I just said back to me."

               Grayson? The name pricked at a memory in the back of my mind. It was then that the classroom turned their attention to the girl with the blonde hair and I wondered briefly what she was staring at. Grace, not having a single shy bone in her body, leaned over and tapped the girl once atop her shoulder. I watched her turn and look up at Grace, her eyes a stark green suddenly sparked to attention. "Hey, I think Mrs. Lavell asked you a question."

"Oh, I'm sorry Mrs. Lavell. I was..."

                "Daydreaming?" she offered. The girl nodded, which only seemed to make Mrs. Lavell grow even more aggravated. "Mira, if you wish to do well in this class, I suggest you either find a different seat, or gain whatever focus you must in order to pay attention. I do not hand out freebies just because you're new here, do you understand?"

             The girl Mrs. Lavell called Mira flushed a bright red before offering, "I apologize." My focus instantly shifting to her hands then, where her fingers busied themselves twirling amongst the others. A smile slipped across my lips, and Grace more than noticed. Staring up at me with arched brows and a smirk, I waved off her curiousness and turned back to the front of the room. Though Mira had been the one called out, it was Grace and I who held the on-looking glances from the rest of the students. She had nothing to worry about.

               Thankfully the bell broke the awkward silence that had filled the room, and we were released to our second periods. "Hey," I heard Grace say to someone. Collecting my things, I looked up and saw it was Mira. "I'm Grace, and this is my brother Shon. You must be new around here."

"Yeah, my mom and I arrived last night." She smiled, her teeth a brilliant white I haven't seen any normal person compare to. Briefly her eyes fluttered back at me before she looked away. "I'm Mira, Mira Grayson."

                 "Nice to meet you Mira." Grace quickly said, and reached out her hand. "Here let me see your schedule, I'll help you find your next class."


                The time in which Grace spent scanning her schedule, I kept my focus on Mira. The whole time she just kept her eyes looking out the window. "Huh, how strange."

"What?" Mira and I said at the same time. Mira instantly flushed, and once more a smile slipped across my lips. I quickly shook it off. What was with me today?

                "Nothing bad, it's just." She hesitated, narrowed her eyes back to the paper as if it were a mirage, and then handed it back to Mira. "Well Mira Grayson, I guess fate wanted us all to meet." she laughed. "We have the same exact schedule, down to lunch and gym."

"How strange." Mira said, her eyes drifting back up to me.

               "Strange indeed." I agreed.

               By now the classroom was empty, and I had a strange sense of unknowing forming as a knot in my throat. "Well, I guess we better get going." Grace smiled before turning towards me. Another curious smirk with arched brows causing me to roll my eyes at her. "Mr. Mark hates tardiness more than Mrs. Lavell."



The End

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