Chapter One- MiraMature

When Mira and her mother move in order to escape a secret past, she quickly finds herself drawn to the guy everyone tends to avoid. He is moody and not alike other guys she's dated before. Soon she will find out just how different he really is when secrets start to unravel. What will she do? Who will she trust? And when her past catches up to her and she is faced with a decision that could cost her her life, what will she chose?

      My mother walked me all the way into the front office this morning, collected my new schedule of classes I would be attending, and then wrapped me into, yet another, warm motherly hug. "Okay mom, you can let go now." I said, and then patted her back sheepishly. "I'll be fine."

"Just a few seconds longer..." I could feel myself turning blue.

       "Goodbye mother." I inturrupted her, at this rate I would be late for my first class. Pulling back she held a grim look of hesitation, and by the dark circles forming under her eyes, I could tell she wasnt sleeping well again. Briefly, I wondered what that could mean. Had the nightmares returned?

"Alright, alright, but text me on your off periods so I know how things are going." She added. I smiled up at her and she smiled back. "I'm just worried that..."

         "I know mom but, everything will be alright now." I said trying my best to reassure her, even though I wasn't sure myself.

"Well," She said, pausing slightly to adjust the way my hair fell, and then continued. "you know I love you, and that I'm just down the street if you need me. I guess, I'll see you later?"

      "I'll see you later." I smiled at her once more, before turning afoot and walking away. An image of her staring after me as I disappear into the sea of other students, stirring up a naseaous feeling from somewhere deep inside me.


      I arrived surprisingly early to my first class. It was Mrs. Lavells Advanced English Lit, classrom 1301B. In the back two girls had already claimed a group of seats, and in hopes of having a zero drama filled year, I chose a seat completely across the room and directly beside the big windowed wall overlooking the parking lot. It wasn't as if I were judging them per say, I didn't know them enough or at all to do that. It was just that I see a lot of who I used to be in them, and that was not who I was anymore. Or someone I had any intention of being ever again. Plus, it was actually a really nice seat.

"Mira Grayson, I presume." A middle aged lady with long distinct features, which equally matched her slender frame called from the doorway. Out of habit, I stood and nodded my head in response. The lady frowned almost instantly as if I had offended her, but stayed silent for the rest of the time it took for her to walk over to the desk. Its hulking mass of dark wood looking like something out of an medieval era, her honey colored eyes boreing into me as she did. "Yes, well for future reference my students are to answer me with their words when I speak to them directly."

       "Yes ma'am," I responded politely, while the two girls in the back began laughing quietly as I did. The same time, a steady lull of students had begun filtering in through the door as well. All searching for a seat.

"Yes, well you've chosen a seat I can see. So why don't you take it, and prepare yourself. My class is not going to be easy Ms. Grayson."

        "What about a Grayson?" A voice rose above all the rest then, as my eyes darted across the room and found its owner. A guy wearing a suit in which seemed almost made for him, with eyes the color of trees and moss. I could see he was watching me, waiting for a response.

"Ah, welcome back Mr. Shiloh. I trust you had an eventful summer." I could see her regarding him over her lavender glasses with a look of pure disgust. He smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

          "It was eventful, yes." he muttered, his eye brows arching as if there were more to it than that.

"Yes, well Mira Grayson was to whom I was speaking about." Mrs. Lavell continued, though she busily began writing something along the white board behind her. It was in cursive and hard to read. "Now to begin class, we shall call for roll."

          The bell rang throughout the room then, and I watched as Mrs. Lavell's eyes stormed down the paper she had picked up which held the names of all the students in the class. When she looked up her face had paled and she seemed distant, and as the bell finished all eyes drifted off to the set of windows along the wall behind me. The loud roar of a motor stuttered and then cut out somewhere in the parking lot. I suddenly felt naked and estrange. When I turned to follow suit of the class it was then that I saw him, tall and built, he had long chocolate brown hair which he wore pulled back into a pony tail, jeans and a solid black shirt. Beside him strode a girl with similar features wearing a flowing black dress with boots to match. If I had to guess, I would say they were related; twins perhaps.

"Don't tell me," Shiloh was the first to say something but, Mrs. Lavell, I assume having predicting what he would say next, raised her hand to silence him. After that everyone took their seats, and having taken a moment to readjust herself, she calmly began taking roll again. This time there were no distractions.



The End

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