Chapter One


*Chirp. Chirp*

Danny suddenly awoke, but it wasn't what he wanted at all. He wasn't in his bed, and his parents weren't close by. When he awoke, the first thing he noticed was that he was flat in his back, and all he could see was the sky. He squinted hard, for the setting sun was beating down on his face. He couldn't move, he couldn't think. He just kept looking up. Eventually he mustered up enough energy to sit up, and when he did, he realized just how out of it he was. His plane was nowhere in sight, and all he was left with was his phone, a 20 dollar bill, and the clothes on his back. Next came the panicking. When he couldn’t find his plane he started running around frantically. He pushed through sharp pricked bushes, stepped in plenty of mud puddles, and only made his sense of direction muddier than the puddles and ground he stepped in. He eventually decided on a single direction and went what he believed was north. He was breathing heavy now, and his inhaler was nowhere in sight. The situation was rather ironic actually. This was a boy who read every single adventure and wilderness book he could get his hands on, and now he was completely out of his element. Danny was on the verge of tears at this point, just hoping, praying, for something familiar.

“Joan!” He tried to yell, but his mouth was too dry, and his throat was too sore to create sound that travelled further than two feet. He frantically started pacing around, which only made him more worried. He ran up a steep hill to get a better view, and as he did, he was not prepared at all for the spectacle that awaited him.




“What the hell is this!?” Daniel wondered.

He was expecting wildlife, who wouldn't, but the type of life he saw was far too intense for his taste. All Danny could see was the very top of trees, for the hill he stood upon dropped tremendously below him. As he stared out into the distance, he saw what seemed in his mind to be an incredibly tall tower made of some sort of black stone. To the left of that was another cliff surface, and a waterfall that dropped thousands of feet. Sadly, however, the beautiful blue skies that accompanied Danny on his journey to his father's house were all disappearing. In their place, an inky purple sunset. The tower and waterfall were his only guides now, and the progressively darker skies didn't help either.

“Great. This is just great!”

Danny looked around for a safe way to descend the steep hill, but he couldn’t find one. As he made his way down, he grabbed his aching sides, hoping for some sort of relief. During his steep decline he saw plenty of wildlife, but this was nothing he was used to. These weren't “ordinary” squirrels. These squirrels seemed… almost human like.

“I must be dreaming. This is way too insane, evenfor me.” Danny finally reached the ground and started heading straight towards the waterfall… he thought, anyway. There was hardly any light now, and as Danny looked up to the sky he could see tiny cracks of light bleeding through the dense treetops, but that wasn't hardly enough for him to navigate through. Danny kept walking, though, and eventually came upon a clearing. He could no longer see the waterfall or the tower, but instead saw a few rocks against another cliff wall, and he headed towards it. He had no clue what else to do, and thought it would be the best spot to create a shelter. As he reached the cliff wall, he found a perfect crevasse to rest the night in. And so that's what he did. Completely exhausted, and completely disoriented, Danny laid down in the cave that he would call home, once more hoping that in the morning he would wake up to the smell of bacon and eggs.

“Oh man.” He thought. “Now I'm hungry.”

He tossed and turned for a while, until eventually his exhaustion overcame him. And as he lay in his shelter, a faint shadow rustled through the bushes nearby. It would seem Danny wasn't alone on this island. When he opened his eyes at last, the sheets and pillows he longed for once again were absent. All he was welcomed with was clothes filled with sand and a throbbing headache. As Danny emerged from his temporary home, he took a good look at his surroundings. Trees. Mostly trees. But - ah ha! A pond! Danny ran as fast as possible over to the stroke of luck and gulped down as much water his stomach would allow. He immediately regretted this, though, as he remembered how unsanitary those things could be. No matter. This was not the time for him to be soft-hearted. As he started to head back to his rock cubby, he heard a rustling in the nearby greenery. At first he thought nothing of it, but the fact that the noises were getting louder and louder frightened him. He ran back to the one thing he was comfortable with at the moment, and as soon as he reached the entrance, three teenagers burst through the shrubbery screaming to scare away any possible intruders. They all carried strange weapons. One carried a Thor like hammer, fashioned out of an old tree trunk and leaf string. Another had a samurai sword fashioned out of a very odd colored stone, with a handle made of wood. The last held a longbow, with a quiver and arrows attached to his back. The three stood back to back and scouted out the area.

“I thought you said you saw an intruder, Reid!” Said the one with the hammer to the one with the sword.

“I did, Paul! I swear!” The sword-wielder responded.

“Then where is he!?”

“I don't know! Why are you always yelling at me!?”

“Will you guys please stop!” Quipped the one with the bow. “If there is an intruder we don't want him to know we're here. Ok?”The three started approaching the rock wall, and when Danny noticed this he jumped straight into his hideaway. From the interior of the cave Danny huddled himself up in a ball, hoping they wouldn’t see him. All seemed quiet. When suddenly -

“Hey!” Called a voice. “Are you gonna come out by yourself or do we have to force you out”. 

Trying to avoid confrontation, Danny slowly crawled out of the cave. When he exited fully he put his hands up, not knowing what to expect.

“Oh come on” said the one with the bow. “We aren't gonna hurt you, dude”

Danny put his arms down.

“Who are you guys?” He added.

“Depends if the guy who’s askin’ wants to use that information against us.” Reid interrogated.

“I’m just a kid!” Danny shouted, terrified. “I thought you were gonna hurt me.”

“He seems harmless.” Said the ‘wanna be’ Thor.

He stepped forward.

“I'm Paul.” He said modestly. “But sometimes my friends call me The Hammer”

“Pleasure” Danny responded.

Next was the one with the sword.

“I'm Reid.” He said. “We don't actually have nicknames. Paul likes to think he has one, but he doesn't”

“Wow. Thanks Reid” Paul quipped.

“We don't want to lie to the kid” Reid added.

Finally, the one with the bow stepped forward.

“Don't mind them. They always fight like that. I'm Brian.” Brian extended his hand to Danny, and, with great caution, Danny shook it.

“And your name is?” Brian asked.

“Danny. Danny Parks.” He said quickly and unsure.

“Well, Danny Parks, we don't really use last names here. Danny’ll do just fine.”


“Well then” Brian said “I'm sure you must be very confused, very hungry, and a bit disoriented. How about we bring you back to our house.”

“House?” Danny wondered

“Well it isn't really a house.” Reid added. “It's a tree fort we built.”

“So… You guys live here!?”

“Yeah?” Paul said. “Where else would we live?”

“Oh brother.” Danny mumbled.




The End

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