The Hammer - W.I.P.

Danny Parks is on his way to his father's house in the country, when suddenly his plane crash lands in the wilderness. Danny wakes up in a strange new land, with strange creatures, strange people, and no sign of the world he used to know. Join Danny as he tries to return back home, while meeting plenty of friends, plenty of foes, and going on the greatest adventure of his life.


“No! It's not true! It's impossible!”

“Search your feelings, you know it to be true.”

Normally the space adventures of Luke Skywalker and Han Solo would enthrall Danny to no end - but not today. Something was off, but Danny didn't know what.

“Here we go again” He thought.

As he stared out the window of his father’s plane, Danny longed for a world where his parents warm embraces weren't a planes rideapart. This was a long gone fantasy, though, for his parents had been divorced since he was five. He was 15 now, and a world with two parents seemed absolutely crazy. Danny sat and stared, thinking about the new greeting he would give his father next.

“I could tell him a joke, or maybe a pun…” He thought. This would be a tough decision. Normally you greet your parents with a hug and a kiss after a warm “hello!”, but this wasn't the life Danny lived. He would spend three weeks with his mom, then three with his dad, and so on. That also meant two different schools, two sets of friends, and two sets of homework.Spending three weeks with one parent and three with another doesn’t give you very much time to connect with them. That was one of the main reasons Danny couldn’t figure out how to greet his father. In Danny’s mind that was a horrible thing to have to think about. Nobody wants to pre-plan an awkward greeting with somebody. Those are reserved for Christmas and Easter.  As Danny sat in his seat, a flight attendant that worked for Danny’s father noticed the look of dismay on his face, and approached.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Parks. Hamburger with fries?” Said the flight attendant.

“No thanks, Joan. Not hungry today.” Danny replied.

“Something bothering you, sweetheart?”

“Nothing much. It's just this back and forth is starting to take its toll.”

“Don't worry, sweetie. Everything will be fine.”

Danny thought for a second.

“I hope so.”

The flight attendant walked away. Danny sat there, silent, still.   

“Everything will be fine” He repeated. And repeated. And repeated. Danny turned back to his DVD player, and as the Millennium Falcon zoomed into the sunset, he kept thinking about what that flight attendant said.

“Everything will be fine.”

And as he said this, he closed his eyes. Hoping, just hoping, that when he would wake up he would be at home in his bed, with his mom and dad close by.


Danny slept for quite a while, but was suddenly woken up to the horrible shrieks of the captain.

“Mayday! Mayday!” Screamed a distant voice.

“Oh my gosh. Turn back! Turn back!” Shoutedanother.

“I can't! We're in too far!” The first voice shouted back.

That was all Danny could remember. Because after that all he heard was a crash, followed by complete darkness.


The End

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