The HallsMature

I recently got hold of an iPad and I wanted to see what it'd be like writing a story on Protag, so... here goes!
This is a story about an old, abandoned hotel, in which a group of teenagers take residance to escape the pouring rain for the night.
But what they don't know... will hurt them.

The rain crashed violently to the already soaked ground. The black sky was a black, ominous reflection of the silent emptiness below. The only scene for the sky to watch over was one dusty old road, framed by lines of empty, old shops that looked like a small gust of wind could have caused the frail, rotting wood to crumble to nothing. But the one thing that the sky could not watch was the group of teenagers sitting on an uncomfortable stone doorstep, which was shrouded in an even deeper darkness under the large sign above the read 'Café de Lisa'.

The group consisted of three boys, one stocky built, sandy haired boy, donning a rain-soaked Letterman's Jacket and a pair of old, scruffy light blue jeans. He had dull grey eyes, and a small yet prominent scar above his lip.
Another boy, one with short, neatly cut brown hair, and eyes to match, though they were small eyes at that. He had thick, deep-set eyebrows, that were almost always frowning. He was of an average build, but was quite short. He was wearing a plain black tee shirt and a pair of dark skinny-jeans.
The third was shorter, and had jet black hair that was clad to his forehead, as if stuck there by sweat. He had a mask of spots, and a pair of thick-rimmed glasses shrouded most of his face. He was wearing a huge Puffa jacket, and a pair of old, scruffy old black boots.

The three boys were sitting together, separate from the two girls, one of which had straight brown hair, which framed her prominent cheek-bones. She had brown eyes, and always seemed to be squinting. She was short, and wore a short-cut leather jacket, and a pair of black skinny jeans.
She was sat beside a tall blonde girl with blue eyes, with eyelashes that were clad in thick masses of mascara. Her mouth was partially open showing her two perfectly formed, white front teeth. She held a dazed expression on her face.

"So much for your f***ing road trip, Josh." the brown haired girl mumbled, just loud enough so that the sandy haired boy could hear her. She talked in a rough voice that made it sound as if she had to exert a lot of force to make a sound.

"Oh shut up, Brooke. You know I didn't plan this." The sandy haired boy, Josh replied coldly.

"If we didn't agree to come here, we wouldn't be stranded in the middle of nowhere!" screamed Brooke. Josh replied by kissing his teeth, and throwing his hand limply in the air and looking away. "S'your fault for agreeing," he muttered quietly.

The brown haired boy rummaged through his rucksack, and produced a pack of cigarettes. He waved them around, grabbing everyone's attention. "Thought it would ease the tension." he said, shrugging whilst handing them out. He lit himself one, and passed the lighter on.

"Thanks Jeremy," Josh said. "I guess we're gonna have to stay there, right?" he said, gesturing toward an old hotel with a sign that was barely hanging onto the wall, reading 'Eaton Hotel'.

The End

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