The Halloween Party From Hell

A highschool Halloween Party goes majorly awry as the most popular and snobby guy in school gets his comeuppance. The guy, Justin is the host of the Halloween Party from Hell.

It was the night before Halloween and the party everyone in school was talking about. Justin Avery was hosting the year's biggest party so far.  His family was "The " family in the city and he was the most popular guy in the entire school.  Every girl was interested in him.  So, to get his attention they all did some pretty stupid things.  This party was going to be when they could show just how serious they were by wearing the skimpiest costumes they could find. The cliques were the main ones trying to win Justin's attention and affections.  The rest of the girls who weren't as interested in him were planning to go to the party and show the rest of the girls just who Justin REALLY was.  He really wasn't as pretty as they thought he was.  The head cheerleader who had been dating him for awhile was in for the shock of her life.   The girls who weren't extreme "fans" of Justin Avery were hiding their own secrets as well.   The main anti Justin girls were Maggie, Georgia and Tiffany.  The were waiting for the right moment to unveil their big surprise at the Party of the Year.  Maggie was the leader of the Anti Justin group.  She hated him for always having making her life at school a nightmare. Maggie , Georgia and Tiffany were really witches. They wanted their revenge on Justin and his crew. They had devised the perfect plan. Their plan involved the Halloween Party.

The End

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