From the point of view of Rosemary Willams

                          Around 8:30

Mother hugged me. Her pale, green eyes lit up my world. Tonight I was getting married, and Mother was helping me look pretty as best as she could.

Tom had snuck in one of my prettiest gowns. Mother was trying to fix my hair, but hurting me in the turn.

“Ouch!” I yelled, “Mummy, stop!” I was six-teen and still called Mother Mummy. SOMETIMES!

“Rose, stay still.” she said ignoring my pled. “It’s going to be just fine.” Her fingers where working over time.

I thought about my dream wedding, I would where a white dress, not this black one, I would have my friends siblings as the flower girl and ring bearer. It would be in the day, not at midnight. And most of all, all in town would come.



Her hands came out of my hair. She begin to cry when she saw the full look. “Look in the window.”

I walked over to the window, really it was just a piece of glass. My hair was in a wonderful braid around my head.

“I love it!” I yelled. Not to loud, so the watch men wouldn’t hear me.

The End

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