From the Dairy of Abby-Lyn Bennet

Oh, I have news! Some could see it as good, others bad. Me, well I'm happy for the first! Rosemary Willams is a witch! I know it! I'm so happy! You know, I never cared for her, and now she is going to be dead! I’m going to cry tears of joy! Do you think that’s bad? Hmmm…..

The good news is (I don’t agree, but..) Lillen West is free! When she told that god awful story! Poor girl, after they let her go I talked to her. She said reason the babe died was Rosemary cursed it after she told the late Rev. Hatton.

Well, dairy this my last page in my book, so I’m going to buy a new one. For now I bid you good bye.

The End

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