From the point of view of Rosemary Willams

The Guard took of his mask.  Tom Bellatonet was under it.

Tom has this dark hair that falls just right. He has large, dreamly eyes. Our fathers want us to get married, infact until this happend we were planning the wedding.

"TOM!" I yelled. I hugged him and wraped my arms around his neack. "What are you doing here?!" I asked . I begin to cry. Right now, it was heaven just to see him.

"Rose! I..was paid to help with the burning. I was just going to light the fire and and walk away. But when Lilly said you where a witch, I had to do something! I have a plan, Rosemary, you got to help me  tho."

My mothers pale face was glued to the window. My mother was pretty, she had long, black hair that was woren in a braid.  She was crying.

"Tom, save my daughter! I don't care if I die, just make sure my babe makes it!" she said inbetween sobs. She took my right hand in her left and Tom's left in her right.

"Well,"  Tom begin, "I don't know. You see, my plan is this. I sneack Rose and you out. I get you home, Mrs. Willams. Than we take all of my money, anything we need and we go into the woods. I know, this is going to be hard, but I have faith. Rose and I grow up in these woods, we could get by. I'm a good trapesman and hunter.Rose can sew and knite, and cook. She'd be a good Mother, just like you."

He was trying to butter Mother up before she made up her mind.

"I'll let you do this. But, before you go, Tom. I need you to go and see my husband. Tell him your plan, ask him if he'll let you marry Rose. Than go and ask for his spare gun and take all of the bullet's. Tell him to you all of my sweing, kniteing, and most of my cooking stuff. Have him give you half of the hens, a horse. Get all of Rose's cloths, blankets and whatever she has in her trunk. Than go to your home and get whatever you can. Tell my husband to meet as at the edge of the woods at midnight, he'll marry you there. You must get us out by eleven forty five. It should take us ten mintunes to get to the woods, deal?"

Tom laughed and said "Deal."

The End

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