Form the View of Rosemary Willams.

My whole body begin to shack. My eyes were filling with tears, I felt like a murder just being sentenced to death. Well, I guess that’s right. I'm going to die.

"That’s her," spoke Lilly, acting like a little child," She took me to see the wicked one, they danced, and sung songs of the most wicked things!" The mayor looked into her eyes, and must have believed her.

"Miss. Willams,” Mr. Abel, his eyes pricing into my side. "is this true?" he said. He looked around, facing my mother.

"NO!" yelled Mother. "That’s my child, she has never left my sight for more than a hour! How could she do it?'' My mother begin to sob, her tears to me looked like blood.

"Guard, please take this girl and her mother to holding." said Mr. .Abel. The Guard nodded and begin to walk forward. Just as Lilly's family was freeing her.

"I'm not the witch!" I yelled as the guard pulled me into the dark, shack.

The End

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