Ulsor approached the towns watchtower just before sunset. The swift pace he walked at, helped him get there before dark. He was happy he didn’t have to stay on the road near nightfall. As however unlikely, bandits may lay in wait for a wagon, that would be a fight he didn’t need after a days trek.
Ulsor was the best among his group at combat, as a Halfling his body so small he could hit and move as fast as a snake, doubled with the power of his mind training.
He fought more like a blur. Hitting with stunning combinations that the average fighter would stare in awe upon, he chuckled as he thought about the poor bandits that may have lay in wait. he knew he had no need for trouble at this time never anytime if he could avoid it.
At the watchtower Ulsor walked to his left and untoward a group of fern trees. Good shelter for the night he thought and made up his meagre camp. He woke to find a lone young wolf staring into his eyes.
"strange" he thought one so young to be alone, but decided to pack his bundle before the young’s mother came to find him. He decided to head to town, the early morning sun made the town look friendly and it was way to early to encounter trouble at the tavern, also with the monastery so close he thought maybe the town was used to the occasional monk every now and again.
He went past the farms and farmers, groups of mothers and children no one seeming to notice the small robed young man as he walked on.
Into the market square. He wasn’t there to buy anything, as all he needed lived and grew in the wild. The few coins he had there just to get him out of trouble if required, but seeing the people milling about made him curious. Over in one corner a big burly man laughed with his customers and noticed Ulsor.
"Hello young traveller” he waved. His grin eased Ulsors mood and he waved back and approached the stall to see what was on offer, just farming tools really nothing of use to Ulsor as he looked at the tools the big man spoke. "it's been along time since we saw a monk in this town young man, i guess its that time again that the monastery evolves?
"Ulsor looked up” yes sir its been ten years",the big man chuckled” so long aye, I wonder where my life goes sometimes, do you have a destination or are you just going to wander for ever as some of your like do?",I’m heading way south sir, Tulminor in fact .
The big man looked on stern faced.
“That’s a mean trek for a youth but I know you monks are hardy and swift travellers, all the best on your journey, oh and if you go to the next town have a friend who owns the inn, give him this scribe and he may let you use a bed for the night free of cost”.
He smiled a huge smile and Ulsor nodded .
"thank you sir it was a pleasure to have met you, I will move on now as I need to make the next town before the next night,”
“Tonight I will find haven in the forest" He added.
"well make haste lad and remember to tell him angus sent you.
“If you stay there” .
“II will do and thank you Angus” they shook hands and bid farewell. Ulsor walked on through town taking in the people and the delights of town life and thought it could suit him if everyone accepted so easily.
On he continued out of town and onto the dusty road, sun still beating down on him. He was a happy Halfling this day. Away in the distance he saw a wolf watching him.
"Could that be the same wolf?” he though and continued without another thought on the subject.

The End

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