The halfling monk

10 years have now past, since Ulsor was sent away to train in the ways of the monk. A quite solitary existence for a young boy of 10 to be forced into. Although he was happy with what he had leant, and the experiences he had gained there was still many questions to ask his parents as to why he was sent from his friends.
All he knew as a child. It had been tough for him as a child.
He was a halfling, a sort of miniature human being, and because of this he was often left out, or picked on by the human children.
But he often held his own with a sharp wit and agility no human could match. ‘It was time for those questions to be answered’, he thought as he packed his bundle in preparation for the journey ahead.
All these years spent away with only a master and several students for company, filled him with fear and wonder in what may lie in front of him now.
After leaving the small temple Ulsor said his goodbye's to the small group who he had spent so long with. Although no tears were shed there was a lot of respect within this group, they would all embark on there own lives, in the next few months. All the same age all with the same fears, although some would study on with other masters.
Ulsor had decided it was time to make a life for himself, away from the confines of monasteries. Ulsor turned his back on his group of friends. Then walked off into morning sunrise.
Only a few hours had passed since he had left and the sun was beating down on Ulsor. His feet felt good on the lush grassland, the sun beamed on his halfling features, he could see a small town or village in the distance and thought to make it there by nightfall.
He wouldn’t venture into the town but would make camp on the outskirts. Ulsor was not yet ready for the hustle and bustle that those places bring, he continued at a brisk pace still unsure if he would ever fit into a normal life again.
"Why father" he said aloud as he still could see his fathers tearful face, the day he was sent away. No explanation came then though, but why was he tearful and where was his mother when he went away?
So much to know and a whole life to find out.

The End

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