Lewis was sprinting through long, black winding tunnels. He didn't know where he would end up, or how he got there in the first place. He just knew he had to get away from them. Lewis paused, gasping for breath and he turned around, they were sprinting as well, their twisted expressions getting closer and closer towards him. Lewis tried to move again, but he couldn't, he was stuck to the ground, the undead were gaining on him fast. They were grinning at him and whispering incoherently.

"Join us!" A voice boomed out in Lewis' mind "Join your brethren...don't fight it!"

The undead grabbed him and pushed him to the ground, frenzied by the smell of Lewis' blood, Lewis' vision went white and the undead disappeared. There in the distance he saw it, with glowing red eyes and twisted features just like the undead.

"Join with me, Lewis" The creature beckoned to him "That's it Lewis, you're getting closer to me. I can smell you, I can feel you. Join the Magic and be immortal!"

Lewis was transfixed by the ugliness of the Magic, he couldn't stop floating towards it, no matter how hard he tried, the Magic was offering him immortality, complete and utter power over everything forever more. Something inside him was being attracted, being drawn to the Magic's intense power, and he couldn't escape it.

"Lewis...don't you dare die...don't die, Lewis. Please, please, please fight it!" The teary voice was Vita's and Lewis would have done anything to go back to her again, to reach where her voice was.

Suddenly there was another booming voice in the whiteness, a different one to the Magic, it made the Magic quiver and back away in disgust.

"Ui portan ik be hearler, ga Bresh dian fe Sethrin. Ui portan ba bo erina se verted clum di doufrey gren ba de tull strov"

"Argh, no!" The Magic cried out "Diash magic...!"

The Magic disappeared but Lewis was still in the emptiness for a long time "Help me!" He cried out, trying to find the voice that had shouted Diash magic "Please, don't let it get me before it comes back! HELP!"

The Magic came back, and with massive, spikey claws it reached out for him laughing maniacally "You have no choice, boy. It's in your blood, one day you will have to join me!"

The Magic enveloped Lewis and he screamed as visions of his short life flashed before him, he saw Gruth and Vita towards the end of his vision, grinning and showing bluish teeth.

"Lewis!" Vita called, frantically - reaching out for him. Lewis didn't respond, no matter how much he wanted to he couldn't he was gradually losing control... "Lewis- WAKE UP!"

*     *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

For the third night since the mission to the caves, Lewis woke up shaking in a cold sweat, with tears of terror running down his face. Vita was sitting next to his bed, concerned. On the second night of Lewis' nightmares she'd decided to drag in an old armchair and sleep near Lewis for when he woke up, screaming yet again. Vita took his hand and kissed it.

"What happened this time?" Vita soothed, stroking Lewis' sweaty forehead.

"It was the whiteness again...and the Magic, calling out to me, telling me I have to join it because of my blood..." Lewis was still shivering violently.

Vita looked in the corner for a moment, deep in thought "It's because you're half-Ery...this Magic must be in every ounce of every single Ery that exists. It can't manipulate you fully, the effects of your Ery blood are dampened by Elizabeth's"

"It's doing a pretty good job of terrorizing me though" Lewis sat up and crawled to the end of his bed, Vita sat with him and stroked his face.

"You are more powerful than this Magic is Lewis. You proved it down in the Caves, what you need to do is try and show it exactly who's in control, rather than resigning to the fear"

Lewis shuddered again "Why is it after me anyway? What have I done?"

"You fought against it and won. The Ery have probably never done that before" Vita answered, still deep in thought.

Lewis yawned, exhausted again after 3 wakeful nights- Vita helped him back into bed

"I don't want to go back to sleep, please keep me awake" Lewis begged, scared.

"It's alright, Lewis. I'll be here if you wake up again, I'll always be here" Vita answered and climbed under the bed covers next to him, Lewis closed his eyes and Vita kissed him on the cheek.

"I love you, Lewis" She whispered and wrapped her arms around Lewis' sleeping body.

After a short pause, Lewis whispered back "I love you too, Vita"

Vita smiled to herself, and went back to sleep with the warm feeling of unconditional love inside.


Two days later, the nightmares finally stopped and Vita moved back to her old room, Lewis instantly became nervous that night, and was terrified to go to sleep. Eventually, as the exhaustion filled him he knew he had no choice, and he slept right through till the Beory sun rose the next morning.


They were walking through the meadows the day after Vita moved back into her old room, it was unusually cold and grey clouds had filled the skies.

"Winter's on its way..." Vita sighed and looked at the grass "See how the grass has turned paler?"

Lewis pondered this for a few moments "What happened to autumn?" He asked.

"Autumn- what's autumn?"

"It's the bit between summer and winter" Lewis answered, taken aback by Vita's lack of knowledge of the seasons. "And Summer's after spring"

"Hmm, I think you're probably thinking of Earth. We only have two seasons here, Lewis"

"Oh's strange you know, I feel like Earth is just a forgotten dream now- obviously I remember little things like seasons and animals but I can't really remember my life there before now"

It was true that Lewis had now forgotten the name of every single foster parent he'd ever had, although that wasn't too difficult considering he'd had so many. They were walking along the Thenranian border, looking at the dark town in the distance when a slightly too tall childish figure appeared, bawling. It was moderately ugly and had thick black hair, its skin was light red and it was far too tall to be a Dian.

"An Ery child!" Vita gasped and took Lewis' hand "They're not supposed to be around this part of Thenra, their meant to be much further away on the other side...the poor thing's lost!" Vita gasped again and walked as close to the Thenranian border as she could.

"Vita, what do you mean by poor thing?" Lewis asked. "This is an Ery, remember?"

"It may be an Ery, but it's only a child. How can a child understand the battles and fights of the adults?" Vita's maternal warmth stirred inside her and she slowly started walking towards the Ery child.

The Ery child had noticed Vita and Lewis discussing him and he bawled even louder "Go away! Don't hurt me, I want my mother!"

"It's alright little one..."

"Little!?" Lewis exclaimed, simply flabbergasted at Vita's impossible deduction of the child's appearance.

 "Shush! You'll scare him" Vita hissed and walked even closer to the child. Lewis suddenly got a sense of terrible dread at her actions; he began to glance in the town's direction nervously.

"Vita...I think we should leave the child" Lewis told her seriously.

"How can you be so cruel?" Vita knelt down in front of the child and smiled, kindly.

"Vita, I really don't think you should..."

"There now little boy. We'll keep you safe now"

Vita reached out and took the Ery child's hand,

"Thankyou" The Ery child grinned, suddenly his grin turned into something quite maniacal "Thankyou so much, slave!"

And a second later where the child once stood, there was an evil looking Ery knight with deep, cold, green eyes. Vita gasped in horror and stepped back, she tripped over her own feet and fell to the floor

"Warrain!" She shouted "Don't you come near me, don't!"

Lewis ran forward and shoved the 12 foot Ery knight as hard as he could, Warrain didn't move an inch

"Do you DARE try and take ME on in combat- half-blood?" Warrain barked. "A disgusting piece of mutant filth has no chance against me, boy!"

"Stay away from him, Warrain!" Vita stood up and withdrew a dagger from her sleeve "You took my parent's lives, you're not taking his as well"

Warrain cackled "You aren't safe in Kalemoors now, slave girl- you're both coming with me!"

"Lewis, run!" Vita ordered, Lewis didn't move and inch, he was staring ferociously at Warrain. Vita shoved Lewis so hard he stumbled backwards onto Kalemoors, Lewis tried to walk back.

"No Lewis, don't!"

Warrain screamed furiously and seized Vita by the throat "YOU DARE TAKE MY PRIZE FROM ME YOU FOOLISH SLAVE!"

Lewis ran forward again and grabbed Warrain's arm, but Warrain swiped at him impulsively and smacked Lewis in the face incredibly hard, Lewis went flying back into Kalemoors, and became senseless.

Warrain laughed again and watched as Vita's struggling began to cease. "No...I won't kill you yet" Warrain let Vita drop to the floor and he grabbed the dagger out of her hand "Let Theolt decide what's to be done with you"

Vita gasped in air and Warrain leant forward close to her face, he put one finger on Vita's white forehead and Vita glared at him.

"Now sleep, girl, sleep. Let's hope you wake up tortured in the morning" Warrain laughed evilly again, his green eyes flashed dangerously.
"Lewis!" Vita shouted, before she felt drowsiness take over her " you" She whispered and her eyes closed. Warrain lifted Vita over his massive shoulder and started to sprint back to where Diankiller, his Juthren was.


Lewis came round with a start and sat up immediately, warm blood was running down his face where Warrain had swiped at him- he stood up, his mind was still swirling.

"VITA!" He exclaimed, the meadow was so empty it echoed all the way to the Thenranian town.

He looked at the horizon and in the distance he saw an Ery knight galloping off to the shady, broken Thenranian town.

"No" Lewis whispered. "NO YOU CAN'T!"

Lewis started sprinting back to Gruth at their cottage, sprinting and bleeding. Tears were rolling down Lewis' face and he couldn't stop them, they were tears of anger more than sadness.

"They can't do this" He thought as he sprinted. "THEOLT CAN'T TAKE HER AWAY FROM ME!"


Gruth saw Lewis from the cottage, sprinting, there was a noticeable, bruised cut on his cheek. Gruth frowned as he noticed at Vita was missing. He opened the door and walked out, Lewis skidded to a halt in front of him and started pulling on his arm

"Gruth, Warrain took Vita!"

"WHAT!" Gruth exclaimed withdrawing his arm. "How did it happen?"

"Warrain transformed...he was an Ery child, and then he was an Ery knight...He knocked me out but I landed in the Kalemoors. Vita wasn't so lucky, Warrain took her"

Gruth was instantly enraged, he stared at Lewis with intense fury and punched him, hard "YOU STUPID, ERY-HEADED HALF-BREED, WHY DIDN'T YOU PROTECT HER!"

Lewis punched Gruth in the face in fuming retaliation, the intensity of his emotions had reached boiling point.

Gruth leapt on Lewis and they rolled around on the grass for a while punching and kicking violently, Lewis' hands closed around a stray arrow that was lying on the ground from practice and turned Gruth onto his back, crazed by ferocious anger he raised the arrow and stared at Gruth's chest longing to see the blood pour out of him. But suddenly something inside clicked and he realised what he was doing

"No...don't make me do this!" Lewis stood up and saw the bruises that he had given Gruth "I'm sorry...but this isn't the way to get Vita back"

Gruth was panting with anger, suddenly he broke down and turned over onto his side, reddish tears started rolling down his face. Lewis was highly taken-aback by Gruth's sudden show of intense emotion and he didn't quite know what to do about it. But 2 minutes later Gruth, stood up and wiped the tears away,

"He'll be taking her to Theolt's castle" He told Lewis. "Come on, we need to get provisions, we'll be gone for a few days"

Lewis didn't need to ask any questions, he rushed into the house and grabbed anything he thought would help them on their journey. He already knew where they were going, they were going to meet his brother.

"Shall we get the Resistance?" Lewis asked.

Gruth shook his head "They wouldn't help. Vita's not important enough" Gruth closed the front door and they both began walking quickly through the garden.

"But she's important to us" Lewis retorted.

"Exactly, but we're not Sethrin are we?" Gruth replied bitterly. "Although Sethrin is an honourable and moral leader he can also be quite selfish and arrogant"

Lewis became confused as they were walking in the opposite direction to the Thenranian border; Gruth noticed Lewis' questioning face

"Amora has to know...someone does, plus she's like a mother to Vita she'd want to..." Gruth shut his eyes and shivered. "Just shut up, just for a few minutes"

Lewis obeyed, and they walked in silence to Amora's and once Gruth had told her what had happened and had tried to console her they walked speedily and in silence towards the Thenranian border.

The End

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