A Child's EyesMature

Gruth noisily opened the door to Lewis' bedroom, the first few embers on the horizon had started appearing and the darkness was slowly shifting, he walked over to Lewis who had managed to kick off all his sheets and was now sleeping half-naked with his head hanging off the side of the bed which caused him to snore extremely loudly.

"Lewis" Gruth muttered quietly. Lewis gave a loud snort but didn't move. Gruth lost patience with him immediately after this and poked him on the head hard.

"Lewis!" He exclaimed.

Lewis woke up with a start and fell off the bed backwards, he hit his head on the wooden floor and was momentarily stunned while the pain hit him, and he blinked a couple of times.

"Ouch!" He sat up and rubbed his sore head, now feeling two bumps there; he looked up at Gruth with complaint and yawned. "What time is it?" Lewis asked lethargically, wanting to get back into bed and go to sleep.

"Time to get up, you have 10 minutes for breakfast and then you have to meet me outside for training- if you're late I'll cut your lunch down to 5 minutes, got that?"

Lewis frowned with disregard "Fine"

Gruth started to walk towards the door but Lewis stopped him "Am I meant to wear the same clothes again?"

Vita suddenly appeared at the door with a bunch of clothes in her arm and Lewis jumped back onto the bed to cover his naked top-half up self-concsiously.

"Oh please, Lewis" Vita walked into the room and sat on the end of the bed casually "I do have a brother you know..." Vita dropped some clearly adapted Diash clothes in front of Lewis and he looked at them, bemusedly.

"They're clothes, they're for wearing" Gruth told Lewis sarcastically.

"I know that- it'll just be weird wearing...wearing these kinds of clothes..."

"Yes, and it would be just as strange if I tried on your clothes- except I couldn't try them on because they wouldn't fit" Gruth added as a cold after-insult.


"Just shut up and get out of bed, Lewis- 10 minutes!" Gruth stormed out of the room.

Vita grinned at Lewis once more before leaving the room for him to get dressed. Lewis stood up and walked to the window, it was still very dark outside, although the Beory sun had already started poking out of the horizon.

"The crack of dawn..." Lewis narrowed his eyes at the door that Gruth had just walked out of "Bet he did it on purpose..."


Gruth had forced Lewis to wolf down the porridge and within 10 minutes Lewis was outside in the bitter morning air of Beory. The clothes he was wearing were more comfortable than Lewis had expected, a cream slightly ripped shirt, raggedy waistcoat and matching tattered trousers, and he had to use his trainers to walk in, as neither Gruth nor Vita had any shoes to spare. But it appeared, as Lewis surveyed Vita's long black dress and Gruth's medieval-looking clothing, that the Diash had no real sense of fashion anyway, much to his relief. As soon as Lewis had walked to the middle of the meadow outside the house Gruth handed him a sword, it had an emerald-green handle and it was extremely heavy. Gruth stared exasperatedly at Lewis as he tried to hold it the right way.

"Sethrin said that I had to teach you magic, boy, correct?"

"Correct" Lewis answered shortly, still marvelling at the sword.

"But you can't just fight a brutal race like the Ery on just tiny little thoughts in your head, especially with magic as erratic as yours - so first you have to learn how to brandish a sword correctly"

Vita suddenly arrived in the meadow and sat on the small stone wall nearby. Lewis was momentarily distracted by her presence.

"Hey!" Gruth clapped his hands. "That's the first rule of Beory combat - don't get distracted... otherwise you'll be dead in moments - understand?"

"Understand...I mean, yes!" Lewis replied stupidly, glancing back at an amused looking Vita once more.

"Right" Gruth walked over to his sword and picked it up, he gazed at it proudly "This was my father's" Gruth smiled. "He never used it, of course, always summed up situations before he charged into them blind... even right at the end." Gruth's face suddenly fell a little and he glared at Lewis who was now looking at him with a slightly pitying look.

"What are you looking at, boy?"

"Nothing," Lewis shook his head and looked away, "Whose sword was this?"

"It was Ruan's." Gruth replied, Lewis almost dropped the sword in horror. "It was stolen from his tower before Theolt was made King"

 Lewis had never noticed before, but on the tip of the sword were stains- blue stains

"The Resistance thought it...comical... that the sword that has slain so many slaves be turned on the cruel people of its master" Gruth smiled, but then snapped into action, "Right boy, hold the sword like this."

Lewis followed all his instructions correctly, until Gruth charged towards him unexpectedly. Lewis stepped backwards in panic and tripped over his own feet onto the grass.

"Woah! I wasn't ready for that!" Lewis complained.

"You might not have been, and you never will be if you aren't cautious enough in a battle."

Lewis stood up again, his dignity slightly deflated as he heard Vita chuckling behind him.


For hours they practiced like this, till the sun was high in the sky, as it almost reached midday. Lewis now knew how to block, charge and stab. But in the process he had begun to gasp for air and sweat was running down his face in buckets.

"It's...too...hard" he gasped, and collapsed onto his back, exhausted.

Gruth sighed with irritation and walked over to him, he nudged him in the side with his foot "If you don't learn now boy, you'll never learn."

"Would you stop calling me boy? My name is Lewis, not boy, not half-breed, just Lewis!"

 Gruth's black eyes sparkled with menace "I can call you boy if I want...boy."

"I'm 17 - not 10!" Lewis sat up again.

Gruth started pacing round him with his hands behind his back. His face was full of amusement at his manipulation of Lewis.
"You might as well be 10 with your combat skills." Gruth grinned in a slightly maniacal way.

Lewis glowered at him "I've only just started doing this combat thing - it's not like I've done sword-fighting my whole life!" He argued, offended.

"Well that's pretty obvious - you're useless at it!" Gruth shouted, pretending to be furious.

Suddenly Lewis burnt inside as he became livid with Gruth and all his endless criticisms, something new rushed through his blood like fire and he felt like he wanted to kill the next thing that looked at him. He quickly got to his feet as Gruth started walking away, and charged towards him, the sword pointing towards his back. Inches before the sword made contact with Gruth's body; he turned round, still smiling, and blocked Lewis' attack. Lewis lunged with the sword again and Gruth blocked - but Lewis had put so much force behind the lunge that Gruth's sword fell out of his hand and landed on the grass beside them. Lewis looked at Gruth with ferocity in his eyes, and Gruth leapt over to the sword and side-rolled into a defensive position again. They fought, each one alternately gaining the upper hand over one another until suddenly the swords clashed and Gruth and Lewis went in closer together, both glowering into each other's eyes with combat-fuelled fury, both panting slightly with adrenaline from the fight.

Gruth nodded "That's better, Lewis." he smiled and they both went back to standing in a normal position, Vita sprinted over

"Wow!" Vita smiled at Lewis "You were great" she leant forward and kissed him on the cheek. Both Lewis and Gruth looked at her in utter shock

"What?" Vita asked, worriedly. "What is it?"

 Lewis had a slightly dazed look on his face as they all walked back into the house for lunch, when they got there, there was someone in the kitchen already, making soup. Lewis yelled in shock at the appearance of this stranger, she was undoubtedly a female as she wore a long red dress that reached the floor. Her hair was thick and grey, and her face and the backs of her four-fingered paws were covered in the same grey hair. The stranger turned to Lewis to reveal that she strongly resembled the rats of Earth, but there was something kindly about her that Lewis sensed almost immediately, the light of maternal intellect shone in her small, beady black eyes.


"Hello" She said politely, her voice was quite high but extremely warm "Why are you yelling, have you never seen a Roduri before?"

Lewis shook his head stupidly and sat down at the kitchen table, still staring at her, speechlessly

"Sorry Lewis, I completely forgot you hadn't met the Roduri yet" Vita stood up and gave the Roduri female a hug "This is Amora...she's like a mother to me" Vita smiled at Amora who patted her on the cheek in an affectionate way.

"I've had 20 children of my own, and 55 grandchildren so far, and of course, I used to look after you like you were my own flesh and blood also."

Vita grinned with nostalgia "I remember...when is Hogway getting married?"

"Soon I think...I'm not sure when his missus wants to. And when are you getting married, Vita, my dear? Has no Diash taken your fancy?"

Vita sighed "Well, my dear brother Gruth..." Vita shot Gruth a jokey, defiant glare "Wants me to marry Bresh"

Amora stopped stirring the soup and looked at her with sudden excitement "Ooo, now there's a nice young Diash right there, he's Sethrin's son isn't he?"

"Adopted" Gruth corrected, automatically.

"Ooo, can you imagine if you married him - you'd have beautiful Dian wouldn't you?"

"Yes...I suppose...but..." Vita faltered.

"What's the problem my dear?" Amora asked and took her hand in her paws, concerned.

"What if I don't want to marry Bresh? - I agree, he's probably the closest of all my friends but...but I just...I see him as another brother and nothing more" Vita had started staring at Lewis without realizing it. Lewis quickly averted his gaze to the table and blushed madly, Vita suddenly realised what she was doing and she looked away, also embarrassed. Amora had noticed this exchange, and a small smile appeared on her lips.

"I see...well it's completely up to you, Vita my dear. If you don't want to marry him, you don't have to"

Gruth suddenly spoke up "But what if there's no one else? You're 28 already..."

"And what if there is, but I haven't found him yet" Vita replied quickly, her eyes widening.

"Well exactly," Amora had turned back to the soup, "I don't know, you Diash and your traditions... marrying at 17 and what not..."

Suddenly Lewis heard another voice intervene, and it was some time before he realised it was his own. "I don't mind getting married at 17...gets it out of the way" Lewis' eyes flickered round the room nervously, trying to avoid Vita's gaze, he looked down at the table humiliated again.

"Right...lunch is ready...I hope you're hungry Lewis, Vita told me you have a big appetite so I've done some extra!" Amora smiled kindly as Vita started preparing the bowls.

In Lewis' opinion, that was the best thing he'd heard, seen, or felt all day, apart from perhaps the kiss on the cheek from Vita. He blushed again to think about it.


The days passed and Lewis, much to Gruth's happiness, had managed to pick up archery, and perfected his combat skills. That day when he got to the meadow outside the house, Gruth didn't hold a sword, or a bow and arrow. He had his arms folded, and was staring at Lewis apathetically.

"Believe it or not, you've excelled at combat, Lewis - so now it's time for magic. I've been spending time undercover over in Thenra, watching the Ery knights and staying close to them without getting captured too easily, and their magic is simple but powerful...think one word or one image of how you want a situation to be and the magic is initiated.  Since going undercover I've seen wind from nowhere blow a Diash slave's house away, fire burn trees up in the middle of the night just to terrorise the slaves and massive waves rise up to drown the Dian when they've been playing in the river..." Gruth paused as he registered Lewis' shocked face, "They don't care for Dian anymore than they care for the Resistance, killing them is like a sport...a twisted one at that"

Lewis suddenly utterly detested Theolt and the Ery knights.

"What do I do?" Lewis asked, determinedly.

Gruth shrugged, now seemingly absent as he thought sadly of the Diash children "Do what you did at the Resistance meeting."

"What...with a wave?" Lewis asked thoughtlessly.

Gruth snapped back to the world with a cold look on his face, "Of course not, you fool - do you want half of the meadow flooded?" Gruth looked around and saw a tree standing lonely nearby, "Make that tree set on fire."

Lewis looked intently at the tree for a few moments, wondering what to do, when he heard the crackling of fire inside his mind, the rush of the flame and the heat of the blaze. He closed his eyes, wanting to manipulate it, to direct the rushing, burning fire towards that one tree, that singular point in the meadow. Fire was harder to control than water, it kept rushing in and out of his grip, out of his power and he had to use more strength to grasp hold of it with his mind. Suddenly he grabbed the image of the burning tree and with a mighty rush, that lonely tree in the meadow was in the middle of an intense blaze. Lewis opened his eyes and saw what he had done, the tree was on fire but so was a whole circle of long grass around it.

"Oops..." He thought, bashful at his clumsiness.

"No...no, that was more controlled than the wave," Gruth stared with wonder at the flames.

"What do we do now?" Lewis asked feeling unnaturally tired after his manipulation of the flames.

"Well, you make it go away again...I think..."

Lewis looked at him questioningly but decided not to enquire anything, he stared at the burning tree until it was imprinted in his mind and he shut his eyes again - he tried to grasp control of the fire again for manipulation - his energy was incredibly low at this point so it was much harder. The fire seemed almost slippery in the grip of his mind, but with one last push of mental strength he envisaged the fire to disappear into smoke and to leave the burning remainder of the poor tree behind. Lewis opened his eyes and the fire had gone. Dizzy with mental exhaustion, Lewis sat down, and Gruth walked over to him.

"That's enough training for today - you're on the verge of collapse. It's better to build up your strength gradually than force you to do too much at once," Gruth reluctantly put a hand on Lewis' shoulder, "You did well today Lewis..." Gruth quickly removed his hand and started walking away, back into the house.


 That night Lewis and Vita were washing the plates in the kitchen. They were chatting and laughing rather loudly while Gruth was on a stool, seemingly in deep thought.

"So...you going to marry Bresh or not?" Lewis asked as casually as possible.

"I don't know" Vita replied, handing Lewis another plate for him to put away.

"Because...Amora's right - there's no doubting that he is handsome, and that's coming from another man." Lewis surveyed Vita nervously, this was dangerous ground he was walking on - especially with suspicious Gruth right there, listening and watching them.

"I like Bresh a lot...but I don't love him - handsomeness isn't everything..."

"Don't you love anyone at all?"

Vita glanced at Lewis for a moment and then looked away quickly "I might...I'm not sure yet"


Vita gave Lewis the final plate and suddenly their hands touched,

"Oh." Lewis remarked again, looking at their hands "I'm sorry..."

"Yes..." Vita replied also looking at their hands and not taking hers away. "I apologise too..."

They stared at their hands for a long time, the slightly reddish skin contrasted with white. They looked at each other, blue eyes gazing into black; Vita's mouth was open slightly in wonder at the rush of new feelings.

"Hey!" Gruth barked loudly.

Vita and Lewis snapped out of it and stopped touching each other's hands. Lewis put the last plate away, glowing redder than usual "Anyway..." he cleared his throat a little too loudly. "I'm...erm...I'm going to go to bed..."

"Yes," Vita grinned, a little flustered. "Goodnight..."

"Goodnight..." Lewis smiled back, dazed and hesitated for a moment before disappearing into his room.

Gruth stood up and walked up to Vita, he pointed to the kitchen table

"Sit down Vita..."

Vita obeyed and went to sit down at the kitchen table- she knew what was coming before Gruth had even started lecturing her.

"Vita...you do realise that as soon as this is all over, that boy has got to go back to Earth?"

Vita shook her head "No"

"Well that's what Sethrin plans, and after seeing what was happening there, I think it's for the best..."

Vita bit her lip, guiltily "It's not my fault..."

"No, of course it's not - it's his for encouraging you, am I right?" Gruth asked coldly, looking angrily towards Lewis' room.

"No!" Vita stood up and looked Gruth full in the face "If there is anything between us, the majority comes from me. He doesn't know!"

"You don't know the way he looks at you, as if you're something new, something...exciting, it's disgusting!"

Vita slapped Gruth in the face hard and hissed "If he did have feelings for me then they would almost certainly not be anything like that!"

"You'd be surprised..." Gruth narrowed his eyes and rubbed his cheek.

Vita sat down and her head sank down onto the table, "He has a right to stay on Beory, he likes it here, where he isn't alienated - where he doesn't feel different - can't you see that?"

"Your viewpoint is blocked by your fondness for him." Gruth sighed and shook his head sadly. "He's not good for you, Vita, not good at all."

"I'm 28 and I'll choose who is good for me and who is not!" Vita exclaimed.

"Look, stop shouting - he'll hear you...I'm only telling you all this because I care for you, I don't want you to get hurt!"

"And I won't." Vita replied, stubbornly. "I know that after this is all over he'll want to stay on Beory..."

"For you?" Gruth sneered, scornfully.

"No...for Beory! I know exactly why you're worrying about this; it's because of Elizabeth isn't it? It's because you think he'll die and leave me lonely and cold don't you? Answer me!"
Gruth had gone silent, he was staring at Vita coldly now "You have no right to bring her up."

"He's stronger than she was..." Vita pleaded with her brother, not knowing that she was playing a dangerous game.

"Shut up, Vita..." Gruth growled warningly.

"He won't give up so easily..." Vita began, boldly.

"GET OUT VITA!" Gruth lost his temper then. "GET OUT OF THIS ROOM AND...GO TO BED!"

Vita stared at Gruth, terrified - he'd never shouted at her before, not even when she was a Dian. She quickly ran to her bedroom, tears in her eyes. Gruth sat down and put his face in his hands, he groaned in sympathy for his sister.

"Oh...Vita....what have you got yourself into?"


It wasn't until 2 days later that Lewis first saw an Ery. He was wandering around the Kalemoors for the first time alone when it happened. Vita and Gruth were back at the house with Amora, gardening and growing vegetables for more food, and Gruth had finally allowed Lewis to do some exploring of his new home. He was intrigued by the dark grass and the yellow leaves of the trees, like it was permanently autumn, the sun was closer to Beory and as a result it was hotter. Lewis wondered what winter was like, wondered whether it snowed like on Earth. Lewis kept on wandering through the meadows, getting further and further away from the house where Gruth was. He didn't really know where he was going; he looked up at the top of a hill right in front of him and on impulse began to sprint up it to the top. He stared out onto the horizon and saw a small town in the distance.


"Gruth's never mentioned a town being in Kalemoors before...only a collection of Roduri villages" Lewis shrugged and started walking down the hill, deciding to go and explore the Kalemoorsish town as well - the ground here was flatter than Kalemoors, and the town was directly in front of him, it looked small and didn't look like an Earth town, which would be full of cars. In the blinding sunshine Lewis stopped, he had seen something in the distance, he kept on walking for a little way and then stopped again, the thing he had seen was heading towards him on a giant black horse-like creature, and then Lewis realised there were three of them, three tall figures on giant black and brown horses. Lewis felt unthreatened, thinking they were Roduri or Diash - not realising what they truly were. He kept on walking obliviously, heading towards the unseen danger; the horses started galloping.

It wasn't until they were in plain view that Lewis realised he hadn't seen these creatures before, they were in proportion with the gigantic horses and they were heading directly towards him, Lewis froze, wondering whether to turn and run, or whether to stay and find out what these creatures were. He still hadn't worked it out yet. The humungous horses came to a stop right in front of him, but the creatures on top of them stared down at Lewis in amazement and he stared back. They were gigantic - made even more so by their metallic, shiny armour, their faces were red but they didn't look exerted, they looked excited. Each of them had small green or grey eyes that seemed to scan Lewis.

"What in the Magic's name is he?" The middle one poked Lewis with the sword.

"Hey!" Lewis protested and rubbed his ribs, causing the creatures to gawp even more.

"He spoke...do you think he can talk our language? Is he from the Eternal Forest?" The creature on the left's language was stupid and slow.

"Don't be stupid Dew, Quopes have sharp teeth and nasty sly eyes...this one has blue eyes- I've never seen blue eyes before - it looks odd"

"Don't call me stupid, Grayth!" The creature called Dew exclaimed.

"Shut up, both of you!" The middle one got off the giant grey horse and cautiously walked over to Lewis, still not taking his eyes off him, he slapped Lewis in the face and he fell to the floor.

"WHAT ARE YOU?!" He shouted in a menacing way.

"I'm...I'm...I'm..." Lewis stuttered, suddenly terrified of these gigantic strangers. "Don't...don't slap me!"

Suddenly all three of them burst out laughing and the other two got off the horses, one of the other creatures hit Lewis again.

"Ow!" Lewis exclaimed again, he got to his feet angrily "Don't touch me!"

"He looks a bit like us...but...he's strange"

Lewis had gathered by now that these strange looking creatures were in fact the Ery, and they weren't intent on letting him go back to Gruth and Vita.

Lewis turned to try and walk away but the Ery drew their swords and ran in front of him

"Don't you walk away from us!" Grayth growled and grabbed Lewis' collar. "What are you?"

"I'm half-Ery!"

The others looked at each other bemusedly "Half-Ery? What's the other half...slave?" Dew laughed dimly.

"Human" Lewis tried to wriggle out of Grayth's grip, to no avail, but it didn't matter anyway. As soon as Lewis had said he was half-human, Grayth dropped him in horror.

"The orders...everyone knows the orders. He's male, he's half-human, we have to take him to Theolt or my dad" The leading Ery told them, he looked at Lewis with disgust "Or..." an evil grin appeared on the Ery's red face. "We could kill him, and get all the glory"

"Yeah!" Grayth exclaimed triumphantly.
"Why didn't I think of that?" Dew replied, sadly.

 The three of them advanced on Lewis, with the swords raised high above their heads. Lewis closed his eyes, imagining some element, any element that he could control. Earth seemed the obvious choice, he quickly imagined the earth creating a wall between them, stopping them from getting to him. Lewis opened his eyes desperately, and there was now a wall made out of soil between him and the Ery knights . Without hesitating he got to his feet and sprinted back the way he came, away from the Thenranian town, away from the dim-witted yet somehow terrifying Ery knights, he wasn't going to stop running until he got back to the house.


Gruth looked at the sun out of the window

"Where is the fool?" He asked Vita. "He's missed his lunch; he should be training by now!"

"Let him rest, Gruth...how much more training does he need?" Vita replied, exasperated.

"At the rate he's going, a lot! I might train him to obey orders next...by Beory, he needs to know how to do that at least."

Suddenly Lewis burst through the door, gasping for breath, and collapsed on a seat at the kitchen table.

"What's the matter?" Vita enquired, concerned.

"I'm sorry...I wandered too far...they know I'm here!" Lewis let his head rest on the table. "I've...tried to run...they could still be after me!"

"What are you talking about, boy?" Gruth narrowed his eyes.

Lewis got his breath back "I wandered too far into Thenra, I was heading towards a town and three Ery knights waylaid me...I didn't know what they were..."

"Well it wouldn't have been hard to work out!" Gruth shouted. "They know there's a half-human on Beory now!"

"Will they come after me?" Lewis asked, panicked.

"I wouldn't be surprised if they did...luckily, they don't cause trouble in Kalemoors - the stolen charm protects us. You are the single most foolish creature I have ever met!"

"Alright Gruth..." Vita warned Gruth, seeing Lewis getting angrier.

"No, Vita. It's about time you get that thick, Ery skull to do some proper work, boy! What were you doing out in Thenra anyway?!"

"It was an accident..." Lewis muttered, clenching his fists at being compared to the three Ery knights he had faced.

"You can't afford to make mistakes like this in battle - you Ery headed twit!"

"Gruth!" Vita shouted, standing to face him. "Don't..."

"Stay out of this, Vita!"

"My mother wouldn't like you to talk to me like this" Lewis glared at Gruth dangerously, feeling the burn of anger in his blood.

"I'm completely surprised that you are related to Elizabeth in any way, you thick-headed half-breed!" Gruth barked with intense venom.

Lewis lost control then. He threw the table aside in one swift movement. It flew across the room and smashed through the window, then he jumped on Gruth with pure fury and started punching him in the face over and over again.

"STOP...CALLING...ME...HALF-BREED!" Lewis shouted as he pounded Gruth's face, barely able to get the words out with the intensity of his rage.

Vita looked on for a few moments in total shock before grabbing Lewis by the shoulders

"Lewis!" Vita cried, frantically. "LEWIS - GET OFF HIM!"

Vita pulled Lewis off her brother and he fell backwards and lay on the floor, still shaking with wrath. In succession, his facial expressions changed from anger to shock, followed by intense sadness, he put his face in his hands and started trying to stifle angry-sounding sobs. Vita helped him up onto his knees before wrapping her arms around him and whispering to him.

"Shhh...It's alright...it's alright, it's over now." She calmed him down.

Gruth stood up, nursing a bluish bruise just above his eye. Vita was glowering at him icily.

"Get out, Gruth. Come back when you and he have both calmed down...I'll fix the window."

Gruth opened his mouth to say something, anything to make the situation better, but he couldn't find the words - instead he headed to the door and walked out. The fresh bruises on his face were throbbing painfully.


Gruth sat for a long time on the top of his favourite hill just outside the meadow near their house. He looked over at the horizon, over at Thenra, hopelessly.

"I'll never, never be as patient as father was. Nor as warm and kind as mother was" Gruth looked down at the earth. "I can't do this. I knew Sethrin shouldn't have entrusted me with this. Lewis is too sensitive, too angry like an Ery for me to train him. He's foolish, wandering into Thenra like that..."

"Or maybe, you haven't shown him enough care" a voice said behind him. Gruth turned around and saw Amora standing there, looking at him critically.

"Talking to yourself again?" Amora smiled and walked up the hill, and then sat down beside him. "Vita told me what happened with Lewis and the Ery knights...how you made Lewis lose his temper"

Gruth remained silent for a minute "He was being foolish"

Amora sighed, "I don't think Lewis is foolish. I just think he needs more trust from you, he's new to this world like a child. He sees it from different eyes"

"How can I possibly trust him if...if...?" Gruth faltered uncomfortably.

"If he has Ery blood" Amora finished, Gruth nodded guiltily "The problem is, you forget that as well as being Ruan's son he is also Elizabeth's."
"I don't see Elizabeth..." Gruth muttered, callously.

"You don't expect to see Elizabeth, you mean," Amora put a paw on Gruth's shoulder "If you forget that he is half-Ery and remember that he does have human in him you will see the true essence of Elizabeth again, not just in his eyes but the way he reacts to things."

There was a pregnant pause "And what about Vita? Those two...they're...they're becoming more and more interested in each other every day."

"What's wrong with that?" Amora asked. "It's good for Vita to marry someone she truly loves."

"And what if Lewis is sent back to Earth or he dies? Vita will be distraught." Gruth quarrelled.

"I think she knows the possibilities" Amora paused again. "It's her decision and if she falls in love with Lewis, and Lewis with Vita, then you can't stop what the future holds. She's 28 now, Gruth. It's up to her."

Amora stood up and started to walk down the hill back to the house again - she stopped walking for a second "Gruth. He is like a child; you need to teach him where to go and where not to go. But please, please don't call him half-breed again. I'm sure he had enough of the seclusion and the loneliness back on Earth"

Amora walked down the rest of the hill and Gruth watched as she disappeared into their house. He looked out towards the setting sun, pensively.

The End

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