The Half-BreedMature

Lewis was a lonely, outcast living in the Big City of Earth. Until a stranger with pure, white skin named Gruth kidnaps him and takes him to the world of Beory. It turns out that Lewis is in actual fact half-human, the other half is an evil giant race called the Ery. And their slaves, the Diash need his help defeating his malevolent half-brother, Theolt.

Elizabeth looked up; she had heard something creak from just outside her prison. She leapt up and walked quickly to the crib in the corner where her new-born baby lay. The baby, although it was evident that he had a non-human trait running through him, was somehow still beautiful to her. The baby opened his eyes and stared at his mother, with surprise Elizabeth noticed that the eyes he possessed were identical to her own. Two bright blue spheres with dark blue flecks gazed up at her, confused, trying to focus in on her face. The creaking sounded again and Elizabeth picked up the baby and held him close

"Surely not tonight..." She thought, frightened "Not again"

Ruan, the baby's Ery father had already staggered in, drunk, just after the baby was born and had filled the whole room with the smell of alcohol. Not to mention how he'd breathed alcohol fumes all over the baby when he leaned in to kiss him at one point. Ruan had obviously left the dungeon, drunk some more and now he was back for Elizabeth, yet again forcing her to the ground against her will and raping her. That was how the baby was conceived, Elizabeth didn't want to have a baby- she was 19 years old and from a different world- how was she going to cope with a half-human baby on a world she hadn't even seen at night? But when the baby was born Elizabeth had forgotten all her worries and had instantly loved him, she didn't care about his father, about where he was born or the fact she would always be treated lower than the Diash by the Ery. She and this baby would never be apart again. In the distance Elizabeth heard a door open and she walked into the corner with the baby and started singing to calm herself down, her heart thumped against her ribs, frantic in the knowledge of what was going to happen next.

"Don't cry, sleep tight, no more fears

No more darkness no more tears..."

The door to her prison burst open and Elizabeth hunched further into the corner, tears of fear ran down her face as she clung to her son, he was crying due to the fact he'd been startled by the slamming door.

Someone touched her on the shoulder; Elizabeth looked up and saw a Diash looking down at her, concerned. He, like all other Diash was stunningly beautiful. With skin of purest white and deep black eyes the contrast between the two was astounding, this Diash had long, black hair- but one of them behind him had short dark-purple and the other had light brown.

"You are Elizabeth I presume?" The leader asked, crouching down to Elizabeth's level so as not to scare her.

"Yes...yes I am, why- what do you want with me?" Elizabeth instinctively wrapped her arms around the baby.

"We're here to rescue you...tonight Angerus is coming to kill you and your son, we're going to get you back to Earth"

Elizabeth stared into the deep, black eyes of the leader and saw no deceit there, not like the Ery "Why does Angerus want me?"

Suddenly the purple haired Diash spoke up "Because Ruan's going to make your son King instead of her son"

Elizabeth stood up, still holding the baby close as a precaution and stared into each of the Diash' eyes, looking for lies and deceits, perhaps this was some trick, some cruel joke that Ruan had ordered onto these slaves- but how could that be logical?

"Are you coming?" the purple-haired Diash stepped forward and extended a hand, Elizabeth nodded and he helped her up, for a few seconds when she stood up the Diash stared into her eyes and they stood for a moment or two,  before the leader rushed them.

"Come on...we need to go, now"

Elizabeth escaped her two year prison into the cool Beory night.


Elizabeth nearly fell over at the sight of the Ruby Moon, it was much closer to Beory than the moon was to the Earth. The Beory moon cast a red glow onto the ground beneath it and made the Diash' skin glow rouge, making them look almost human apart from their completely black eyes. Elizabeth was shocked when Gruth took her hand

"Are you alright?" He asked.

"Y-yes" Elizabeth had always had the false love and abuse of Ruan before now, she didn't know how to take Gruth's amorous advance. Ixen the brown haired Diash was now carrying the baby to give Elizabeth a break; Elizabeth now knew she could trust these creatures fully. Elizabeth's attention was once again drawn by the Ruby Moon, it hung in the air so ominously and yet it was still so stunning against the velvety black atmosphere.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" Gruth smiled. "The only beauty left near Beory in my opinion...well, except for you maybe" Gruth grinned at Elizabeth and she nearly jumped back in fright at the smile. Gruth's teeth had a bluish hue to them, but also there was another emotion there, another emotion that Elizabeth had not detected in a long time and she found herself smiling back. She walked and walked, but as her feet traipsed along in the long grass she felt the exhaustion of 2 years of tortured sleep catch up on her. She was almost collapsing with tiredness; Gruth alerted the others to this.

"Elizabeth...Gruth is going to carry you now- so you can sleep, alright?" Sethrin affectionately stroked a lock of blonde hair behind Elizabeth's ear.

"Yeah..." Elizabeth mumbled. "Where's the baby?" Elizabeth asked, reaching out for her son as Gruth lifted her.

"It's alright, Ixen's looking after it. You sleep now Elizabeth...sleep"

"Him...him...the baby's a him..." Elizabeth felt the darkness creep up on her as she tumbled into a well-longed for slumber.


Gruth noticed her beauty as soon as he saw her in the dungeon. Even with the black bags underneath her wide, odd-looking blue eyes and her lank, greasy blonde hair she was attractive. Now she was asleep in his arms as they walked towards the nearest Resistance encampment, the red glow of the Ruby Moon illuminated her tired face. He could hear her soft sleeping breaths and could almost feel the exhaustion in her limp body. Eventually the Resistance got to the encampment and Ixen and Gruth lay Elizabeth and her baby down nearby. Gruth stared at Elizabeth and turned round to see Sethrin standing close to him, glaring at him.

"You do realise she returns to Earth tomorrow..." Sethrin muttered coolly.

"Yes" Gruth replied, letting his head hang in disappointment. "But I can't help it...she's beautiful"

Sethrin got angry then "I know she's beautiful, that's why Ruan got her pregnant, isn't it? That's the whole point of this mission Gruth, not to fall in love, but to distill purity- do you understand?"

"Yes Sethrin" Gruth answered, still letting his head hang.

"Tomorrow when she wakes up you'll forget about pursuing her, do you understand?"

"Yes Sethrin"

Gruth looked over at Ixen, who was purposely ignoring their conversation. Ixen always stayed out of business that wasn't his, he wasn't nosy or pushy like some Diash were, but somehow Gruth wished that he could get involved in just this argument- it clearly wasn't going to happen. Gruth lay by the fire, facing Elizabeth and sunk slowly into sleep.


A few hours later Gruth woke up with a start, there was a baby crying somewhere and a clear, sweet, singing voice rang out into the night. Gruth shook sleep out of his eyes and stood up, heading towards where the voice was coming from- he walked through a clearing and saw the back of Elizabeth, and she was cradling her baby and singing him a lullaby. As Elizabeth sung the lullaby, Gruth slowly walked towards her from behind.


"Don't cry, sleep tight, no more tears,

No more darkness, no more fears.

Soon you'll be free, from this dark place,

Don't cry, sleep tight, don't you cry.


Soon we'll be free, from this dark place,

Don't cry baby, I'll be here.

Sleep tight, baby and when you wake,

I will be here, always here, always here, always here...


Goodnight baby, now you'll sleep,

No more torture, not a peep,

When you wake up, I will be here

When you wake up, I will be here

I'll be here, always here, always here...always here."

Elizabeth started sobbing uncontrollably as soon as she finished singing and Gruth was taken aback by this, Elizabeth lay the sleeping baby down beside her and wept, crying to the glaring Ruby Moon like it was some ghostly companion. Gruth sat down behind her and wrapped his arms around her, her sobbing seemed to cease slightly and she stroked his arms.
"I'm sorry...I'm sorry" Elizabeth gasped, the tears rolling down her face "It's just...I haven't felt the night air on my face for so long"

"Shhhh, it's alright now Elizabeth" Gruth kissed Elizabeth on the cheek and suddenly she turned round and kissed him on the lips.

"Thankyou" Elizabeth cried "Thankyou so much, Gruth"

They kissed again and Gruth held Elizabeth until she stopped weeping and fell asleep, then he lay her down next to the baby boy and watched over her for a while, pondering at her unmistakable beauty. Then as the Ruby Moon started to set and the night turned from black to navy Gruth lay down near Elizabeth and fell asleep too.


Seth ignored Gruth for most of the trip back; Ixen merely walked in silence. Elizabeth stumbled behind, clumsily- holding the baby close to her as she nearly fell over another rock. Gruth fell behind and walked with her, trying to make some sort of conversation.

"What have you named the boy?" Gruth asked, looking down at the half-Ery child with a hint of contempt, it was clear that this boy would look like his evil father.

"I don't know" Elizabeth paused in thought "I don't want to call him an ordinary earth name. Because he's too special, too unique for that"

Elizabeth looked at Sethrin "Seth is an Earth name as well as a Diash name" Then Elizabeth looked at Gruth "I could call him Gruth" she smiled.

There was another short pause before Gruth thought of something.

"Surely, the humans on your planet would be able to notice the difference in him compared to other humans?"

"It's almost certain...but hopefully no one will become so intrigued with his difference that they probe and find out he's not purely human. I certainly won't let that happen" Elizabeth replied determinedly and fleetingly stroked the baby's face. "I like Gruth" She added, still gazing at the baby.

Elizabeth had instantly noticed the modest splendour of Thenra, between each Diash town beautiful green fields spread in front of them like a vast, green blanket. The golden sun was brighter here than it was on Earth and it made the grass look darker, more attractive and the sky in the daytime had an evident greenish tint to its blueness.

"Why do you say I'm pure?" Elizabeth asked Gruth "When you look at my wasted planet and see the contrast in yours?"

"Our planet may be beautiful, but its inhabitants aren't - don't you see Elizabeth? War after war, battle after battle, we're constantly destroying each other..."

"But that's the same on Earth"

"Yes...but you change, you thrive, you grow on, morally getting better- we're stagnant, trapped on a world where nothing ever gets better because we don't give each other a chance to grow without killing. The Ery took over this land long ago and suppressed the Diash, killed half of us and put the other half into eternal slavery. The Quopes in the East nearly destroyed all the Roduri decades ago, only one clan exists near where I live now and they've been driven into fear and pacifism with the horrors that they've seen. So you see, while Beory remains stagnant and violent, Earth goes on changing for the better- although it's taking millennia it is getting better. And if humans start being taken by the Ery our twin planet will be as broken as we are now. We need to protect our twin- as siblings protect each other"

Gruth stopped explaining and there was a few seconds of silence while Elizabeth absorbed it all, she knew that the wars on Beory were awful, but she thought they'd end in a century or so. The wars had been going on longer than she thought.

"I have a sister, back on Earth" Elizabeth told Gruth "She was gorgeous, she had blonde hair like me- except it was long, she looked like a princess. I'm going to see them again, see them all- how will I explain where I've been?"

Gruth couldn't answer that, he merely looked at Elizabeth sadly and stroked her face. Seth turned around and stared at Gruth warningly, Gruth walked back in front again with Ixen.


There was nothing odd about where the portal was, nothing to suggest that anything was wrong with it at all, apart from the meadow being slightly chillier than all the other meadows they'd walked through. Elizabeth remembered everything, how two years ago at the age of 17 she'd been walking through the city park on her way home from college, she'd waved goodbye to her brunette friend Claire and had just decided to take a diversion through the park. It was so normal. Then suddenly she saw a cat chasing a squirrel nearby and she ran towards the cat- feeling compassion for the defenceless squirrel. That's when darkness pressed down on her, she wasn't thinking straight, she didn't stop to wonder why the world was suddenly dark and airless- she didn't do anything except run towards where the cat and the squirrel were, and then she was standing in a different, striking world. She spent the rest of the day searching the mysterious new land thinking how she got there, how she'd get home. She headed back to the portal when night had started to fall, but was stopped by an Ery knight by the name of Warrain. And she'd never been free since. Elizabeth faced the place that she'd run from two years ago, though it seemed like much more-  instinctively she handed her baby son to Gruth "I don't trust myself" She told him. "I might get lost"

"You won't get lost" Gruth replied, determinedly as he took the baby off her "I promise you, I won't let you get lost in that airless place"

Elizabeth leaned forward and kissed him tenderly- Seth looked away in disgust.

"It's just in case..." Elizabeth whispered, her eyes shining as she smiled at him.

Elizabeth kissed Sethrin on the cheek who smiled back in fatherly affection "Be careful" He told her.

"I will. Thankyou for saving me"

Then Elizabeth walked over to Ixen who was surprised when he too got a kiss on the cheek

"Thankyou for looking after Gruth"

"Gruth? When did I look after Gruth?" Ixen asked, confusedly.

"The baby" Elizabeth grinned.

Seth and Ixen watched as Gruth and Elizabeth walked towards open air and dissolved into the portal with the red-haired half-Ery child.

"Ae Beory yurz peela fe ash" he whispered.  Sethrin had said "May Beory take care of her" in Ancient Diash.


Gruth arrived on Earth and breathed, he'd been wandering the portal for far too long. He looked down at the baby boy who seemed unnaturally calm even though they'd just walked through an airless nothing. The baby blinked Elizabeth's blue eyes up at him, confused. The sunlight seemed dimmer here, and the grass was pale and green- it was freezing cold even if it was the middle of the day. Gruth turned around, staring at where the portal was and realised that Elizabeth had not arrived on the other side yet. Gruth hurriedly lay the baby down next to a sheltered rock and ran back into the darkness, holding his breath. For a seemingly long time he searched desperately for Elizabeth, for any sign of her distinct blonde hair. Then suddenly in the distance he saw her, standing and watching. Gruth started to walk towards her but she shook her head and pointed in the direction of Earth.

"It's too late for me, Gruth. Go back to the baby, I'm gone" Elizabeth whispered in Gruth's head.

"No...I'm not leaving you here" Gruth walked closer to Elizabeth.

"Gruth, please go back to my son, make sure he's alright. One day, we'll meet again, somehow- I know it"

Elizabeth reached out and tried to touch Gruth's hand but Gruth merely felt a warm yet somehow empty draft, Elizabeth's hand fell back to her side and she gazed at him desperately.

"Don't stay here, don't suffocate like me. Go back Gruth. Go back to my son!" Elizabeth screamed frantically in Gruth's head.

Gruth suddenly realised he was running, sprinting back to Earth, he burst back out of the portal and looked over at the sheltered rock- the baby was gone. Gruth heard hushed voices and a baby was crying nearby. Gruth hid behind the sheltered rock and looked over it; a couple was looking down at the baby in wonder.

"He's cute...but there's something different about him" the woman said, wrapping Elizabeth's baby up tighter in its thin blanket.

"I can't believe someone would just leave him in the cold to die" The man replied. "What's the world coming to?"

The man looked around the park with a stern look on his face, possibly searching for the person responsible for the abandonment of the baby. Gruth crouched lower under the rock but didn't stop looking at the couple- they were uglier than Elizabeth, there was nothing beautiful about them. But their intentions seemed admirable and like Elizabeth they were intriguing to Gruth.

"Come on Joe" The woman started walking away.

"Where are we going?" Joe asked, still staring round.

"To somewhere this baby can be taken care of properly" the woman replied and started walking to the park entrance.

Gruth watched as the man followed her out of the park and as soon as they were gone he sprinted back to the portal, back to his own world.


Gruth got to his house and immediately the young Roduri carer, Amora appeared. Amora cared for Gruth's sister, Vita like a mother as she looked after the clan children as well. Amora noticed something was wrong. As soon as she saw Gruth, she scanned him with her beady, black eyes.

"Did the baby and the pure girl get back to Earth safely?" She asked, wondering why Gruth's face was so morose.

Vita suddenly appeared, even at the age of 11 she was a strikingly pretty Diash with long purple hair down to her waist and kind black eyes. She looked at Gruth sadly, instantly knowing something was wrong with him.

Gruth opened his mouth, wondering what to say, what to do, he paused and closed his eyes for a few seconds

"The boy lived..." He said.

Vita walked closer to Gruth "And what about Elizabeth?" She asked.

"She got..." Gruth could barely bring himself to say it "She got lost in the portal...suffocated...her soul was imprinted, it'll be there forever"

Vita paused for a few moments sadly and wrapped her arms around him "You loved her didn't you?" She whispered.

Gruth nodded and let a single, reddish tear roll down his face, he knew that in the short time they knew each other he couldn't have been in love with her, but somehow he knew that Vita wanted it to be that way. "It was my fault...I lost her..."

"It wasn't your fault, Gruth" Amora stepped forward and put a paw on Gruth's shoulder.

 Far away at Ruan's castle the dungeon door opened and the King rushed in, followed by two of his strongest Ery knights.
"Elizabeth!" He shouted furiously. "Stop hiding..." Ruan looked over at the crib, suddenly panicked and rushed over to it, he looked inside and threw the blankets down- his son...the future heir, his only pride and joy was gone. The nearest Diash town was the first to hear Ruan's mournful cry, it was laced with a thirst for vengeance, a thirst so deep that it would change the history of Thenra forever.

 "I don't want to see that baby again" Gruth thought bitterly, remembering the little boy's bright blue eyes that reminded him so strongly of Elizabeth, of the girl he'd lost, of the girl who'd trusted him. "Not ever..."

The End

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