The story of Keigo Varion as he learns the ropes as a ranger.

Keigo looked down in the bowl like valley, a small grin played on his lips recognizing some of the farmers fields, and other home identifying landmarks such as the fork in the river near the southern end of the bowl. Or the pillar rock resisted the prairie landscape like a sore thumb.  It had only been a month an half when he left to guide some weary travellors to Daerdun for a small price of course. With his bow and recent catch slung on his back he made his way down a gravel road. 

He thought of his Mum's beef stew bringing him back into the small wooden dining room packed with 3 young boys and their kind and caring parents who had allowed Keigo and his mum to live with them. It was always noisy but a fun kinda noisy. Cozy and comfortable it was warm, and it always made Keigo feel better no matter how bad a day had been.

Keigo's mum was a human who had managed to catch the fancy of an elf who left his homeland. Keigo didn't know much about what had happened but he was a result and 6 months after he was born his father left leaving a decent amount of gold for him and his mum to get by with with some elven literature so he wouldn't be so ignorant of half of his heiritage. Several years later a young farmer hired on Keigo and his mum to work on the fields, as time passed they were given a place to stay and the kindness of a father. So Keigo and his mum were adopted into the young farmers family.  

As Keigo got closer to the farm a dog barked excitedly at a distance, but Keigo was quick to note to see a part of the wheat feild being disturbed by the dogs progress towards him. He braced himself as grey an black wolf hound attempted to tackle him to ground whilst licking his face clean of any dirt and sweat. 

"Eris!" I yelled half heartedly," That's enough." He said unable to defend himself from the exxesive show of affection from the dog. 

"Eris!" A younger voice cried as Tome wandered out of the wheat field. With a quick glance at who the dog had found Tome shouted, " Keigo is back!"  He said his face lit up with excitement. 

"You guy's missed me." Keigo said incredously shoving the dog back with his body, " Tome keep her away from the deer." He said with a smile growing on his face, " What's there to report there captain?"

"Nothing to much except some rangers have began showing up around town, and not many of the townsfolk are to happy about it." 

" Only natural." Keigo replied," Have they said anything about why?" 

"No. But your Mum was sticking up for them saying they don't mean any harm or any trouble, and I agree. One of them I think his name was boing or something like that was teaching me how to track foot prints and recognize animal foot prints." Tome explained happily.  Keigo Imagined that his father Herin would not be to happy about his son fratenizing with the ranger types, but Keigo understood the allure. Around here rangers symbolized adventure, danger and heroics that kids looked up to. Keigo himself dreamt of maybe one day becoming a ranger but always found himself facing his own critisms as well as others.  

"Boing? That's an odd name, and those are some pretty useful skills did you show Herin your new tracking skills?" 

"No not yet. I think he might get angry if he asked where I learned that." 

"Tell him I did next time you go hunting." Keigo said readjusting the weight on his back as the other childern ran to meet him and beg him to tell them of his exciting journey over the Grey mountains. To thier dismay they quickly learned that Keigo's journey was safe and uneventful. 

"That's good to hear, especially with this years bountiful harvest we should have plenty of extra produce to sell in the wealthy streats of daerdun." Herin said as Keigo finished his final telling of his Journey, " I was worried with all these Rangers around here that goblins or bandits had setup camp in these parts." 

"Just because their around doesn't mean its gotten dangerous. Rangers do enjoy living on the road Herin." My mother piped up bringing soup to the table. 

"I don't trust em. Their a step above theives I think. They mask themselves in the darkness, and keep to themselves. That's not the behavior of an honourable man Nessa." Herin said with his booming voice that quieted the dining room. 

" Keigo I know its been a long journey but we're going to need all the help we can get tomorow harvesting the fields. Winter is coming and we do not want to turn our hard work to waste. I suggest you get to bed early tonight if you can. When it's all done we can have a celebration of your return and the succesful growing season. " Herin said into reply of Keigo dismayed look. 

"Alright fair enoug," Keigo said knowing full well protest would get him nowhere, " after dinner." 

"Tome, Scott and Teren that goes for you as well." Fillia,Herin's wife said. 

With that chattered had died and as promised Keigo made his way to bed by making his way with his mum to the smaller house built for them. As Keigo reached for the door he was stopped by his mum.

"There is someone you have to meet before going to bed tonight. He is a ranger and he is staying here for a few nights. I don't want Herin to know and I'm sure that you won't tell him but.."

" I won't be surprised." Keigo said, " Why do I have to meet them though?" 

"Because Keigo I can tell that you're bored here. It's also about time that you learn something more than pleasant town life, and as well Keigo these Rangers need the help of someone who know's this area." She said.

"Aren't you worried about me getting hurt or something." Keigo said stunned that someone was encouraging a dream that he had been nurturing that had been repeatedly crushed by someone such as Herik.  Nessa smiled. 

" Keigo if I was worried about you getting hurt all the time you would never have grown up." 

The End

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