The Haegarty Academy of Gifted Students

1930: Headmaster & Founder William Haegarty

His Opening Speech

Education. It allows students to open doors and have golden opportunities; it can save you from poverty, bad reputation - it can save you from yourself, if need be. There is nothing more important to our youth. 

And I am proud, and I am honored to be of service to such a beneficial and most worthwhile field. With that, I present to you 'The Haegarty Academy of Gifted Students'. 

I hope, and I believe that with your sons and daughters, this will be a place where we can nurture the young minds and use your children's gifts to help them be the top in all that they do. We can even one day become England's best! 

And that is not an easy task. Therefore we tell our students beforehand to strive even when it gets difficult. Nothing good comes of giving up and everything can be improved with studying! Children's brains are in better form than mine, so I'm sure that won't be a problem (laugh).

So with enthusiasm, motivation, good discipline and proper use of your children's gifts, this academy can become the most prestigious of them all, and our students the most successful. This is what we aim for, and this is our dream. So strive and study Haegarty students, strive and study!

The End

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