The Affections ConnectionMature

     Sarah unlocked her front door and trudged up a steep, narrow flight of thinly carpeted stairs to her living room.  She divested herself of her red jacket, tossing it over the low back of her beige sofa, and let her weary body sink slowly into the sofa's plush, furry depths.  She heaved a heavy sigh, as she kicked off her heels and undid the top three buttons of her white silk blouse.

     She reclined there, reveling in the silence and picturing Will's hansome, smiling face in her mind.  That made her think of her ad in the Affection Connections section of the Morning Ledger.  Her print ad had expired a week ago, but her voice ad still had three more weeks to run.  She hadn't checked her messages since last Tuesday, the day before she'd come upon Will at the Target store.  She sadly decided that now would be the perfect time to check and see if there were any new takers. 

     She dug her cell phone out of her bulky, red, leather purse and punched in the number, which she now knew by heart.  She was excited when the bright, recorded female voice informed her she had one new message.  She did as the voice instructed and punched the number1 button on her phone, and heard a quick beep.  Then:


The End

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