He's Not There!Mature

     The following Wednesday afternoon, Sarah once again stopped at the Target store.  With an air of expectation, she checked every aisle in the giant building, and even went out back and took a quick tour of the lawn and garden department.  To her dismay, she couldn't find Will anywhere.

     She hurried back inside the store.  Her heart was pounding wildly and the blood burned like fire in her veins.

     She finally located a young, teenaged girl stacking comforters in the domestics section of the store, in  the same area where she'd first seen Will.

     Frantic and almost breathless, Sarah said to the girl, "Excuse me.  Can you please help me?  Is Will working today?"

     "Will," the girl repeated, momentarily at a loss.  She shook her head.  "He quit over the weekend."

     Sarah was suddenly distraught; nothing like this had ever happened to her before.  "You wouldn't happen to know his last name by any chance?"

     "Finley.  It's a real shame he quit, too.  He's a real nice guy," the young girl said with a wistful sigh.  "I miss him."

     Sarah experienced a tiny twinge of jealousy.  "Thank you very much," she said.

     "You're welcome," said the girl.

The End

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