The SignMature

The news was good and it would have made me smile if the situation had been different.  I spread the files out again, one thing, one thing so small, they all purchased water from the same company, (Refreshing Springs)  That had to be the tie, there was nothing else.  My happiness gave way to anger, I should have seen that, I should have seen that three victims ago, GODDAMN IT!! 
I called my partner into the room and explained to him what I was thinking, he agreed and felt the same as me, we should have caught it.

(Refreshing Springs)  was a warehouse, we entered between rows of water bottles stacked almost to the ceiling.  I clutched the file pictures under my arm like a money bag. 

We were informed that the boss was eating lunch and didn’t like to be disturbed.  I pulled out my badge and told the secretary her boss might like to change his likes and dislikes at this time.  She jumped up and went in through the door behind her chair. 

The man was tall and rude, I offered an incentive to get his cooperation, an ass kicking and a visit to the station. 
When I showed him the pictures of the girls, he said he didn’t know them, he didn’t remember seeing them in the warehouse and they had never worked for him, then lights went on.  He said they had never worked for him but there was a girl a couple years back, said he had a picture, said her name was AMELIA.  When I looked at her, I would have sworn that she and the victims had all been sisters,,,  now, please god don‘t stop here,  I told him we needed to talk to her,  I watched his face go from comical to smug, he told us that it would be quite a conversation, she was dead. 

I wanted to slap the lips off his face, instead I asked for any info he might have,  I would accept anything.

So now came the mind bending work, going through every little piece of evidence,  checking out everyone they knew, friends, family, boyfriends, girlfriends, children.  Where they shopped, where they played, where they prayed.  We had to painstakingly go through all of this bit by bit.  Time consuming, time, something we didn’t have.

Amelia Deschant, 25, 100lbs, 5’5”, long black hair, deep ebony eyes, ruby red lips..had been the daughter of,,, well now,,, a minister, hmm, she had also been a prostitute.. I was not surprised.  The whole family had been murdered, two and a half years ago, at the time the son had been the  prime suspect he had never been found.. Blood belonging to the brother had been found. 

I looked at his picture.. It was creepy, how much they looked alike..

The End

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