No AnswersMature

Questioning your maker was a no no, at least according to my nana but, I had many questions, in fact, I was pissed..

Nana held my hand and in her own wise way, she calmed me..  "I don't understand, why does God allow evil like this.. why are innocent people at the mercy of degenerates and psychopaths, I don't understand.."    "Honey.. it's not for you to know but, when the time is right you will find the answer.."

Another note, I sighed, put on the gloves and opened it. 
Information was starting to come back on victim number four, I hadn’t received the info on number five.  I spread the files on my desk and slapped my forehead..  I wasn’t going to get too excited yet, had to wait for the information on number five.  If it wasn’t there,  my head would split!

The End

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