They Come out Of the WoodworkMature

Something pulled these three girls together.  I was going to find it but what bothered me was his promise, four more victims.    The thought struck me,  his number of victims, seven.  Seven, take seven apart, it was used in the bible it’s significance was completion, as opposed to six, a “mal” something bad  or sick.Did it have something to do with that? 

After being a homicide detective for ten years, I had run into my share of religious zealots or ,nuts,  whichever title fit  at the time. 
My eyes hurt, my head hurt,  I was pissed off.  They said murder was murder that wasn’t quite true,  a drive by, as stupid as they were, made much more sense because, you had a general idea of  who did it and why.  Serial killers had their own agenda, you had to join their class to get your answers and even then, you were too late

The End

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