The End.

I know. You all told me.

"How would you feel if you were the one being cheated on?"

"That's just not like you! I thought you were such a sweet girl!"

"You need to call it off. I hate to see you being used like that!"

I know. You all told me. I choose to ignore you, I choose to continue

I heard my dad call me from downstairs, lifting my head above the bath water I shook the bubbles from my hair.

"Hurry up girl, you've been in there for an hour!"

"Ok dad!"

I pulled myself out of the murky water and wrapped a towel around myself before heading into my room. Flopping onto my bed I looked at myself in the window, made reflective by the inky dark outside. My dark hair was matted and wet, my masscara was running down my pale face and my blue eyes were bloodshot from the soaking they had recieved in the bath. A message bleeped onto my phone.

*Heya Libby, just letting you know I love you, and I'm sorry for everything I put you through x*

*It's ok, I love you too x*

Message sent

I made my descision, I choose to stay with Jack and, no matter what had happened, I was right. Because he was with me now, and everything was fine again.

The End

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