Running from nothing but running from everything

My dreamless sleep didn't seem very dreamless at the moment.

I was in a white, empty room. Running from nothing but running from everything. Then I see Jack. I scream for him and he walks towards me.

"This is your fault, this is all your fault!" I screamed at him.

"Libby. You wern't there, you don't know why just ran like a baby and left me. You didn't see you didn't..."

"What so it's all my fault?! Look me in the eyes Jack and tell me one simple thing. Why is it my fault." I spat the words at him harshly.

"You ran Libby. You wern't there for me-"

"I just needed time to think!"I explained.

"About what?! About you about me about us!? About Ami and how  I had to see her kill herself! About her killing her father instead of the man! It isn't right Libby!I don't love you any more."He said.

"Jack!No!"I screamed holding tightly onto his hand, but it was as if he were a ghost. He just turned and walked away from me, leaving me crying as darkness ate me up.

I screamed and fell off of the bench. "Ow..." I moaned getting up and sitting back down. The sun was rising and the sky was a light shade of pink. I had to go.

Finding my way back to the tower wasn't very hard, you just look for a tall pointy thing and follow it. I saw police signs around it and peoples bodies outlined in chalk. I took one glance, and walked away.

"Excusemwa!" A police officer ran up to me.

"We?" I replied.

"Sorte vous in le accident?" He asked if I was involved in the accident. I looked at him and sighed.

"No."I replied.

"We, Aurevoir."He walked away.

"Aurevoir."I did also.

Stealing a car wasn't very hard. I walked through a street with one of them in, a nice sexy posh car and just pressed a button to turn it on. That was easy I thought I would have to use my necklass. Then I drove away quickly to the ferry port. I forgot I didn't have my passport. Or any money. I looked in the car for any passports.

There was one of a woman, she looked exactly like me except her age was twenty-eight. I drove up to the woman and pushed my breasts out, giving her my passport. She looked at me up and down then gave the passport back and let me procide. That was quick.

The journey home didn't last as long as I thought it would. I sat on deck like I did before. Thinking about the nightmare I had. Jack dosen't love me. I burst into tears.

"Excusemwa..." A little girl tugged on my t-shirt. I turned and bent down infront of her.

"We?" Then wiped my eyes. She pointed to my right. I turned. There was Jack. The little girl ran away. I walked away from him to the corner of the deck, he followed up beside me.

"Libby."Was his only word.

"I don't want to speak to you."I cried.

"Just let me-"

"I'm just a baby remember. A runaway girl."


"What?"I asked.

"Let me talk." He sighed as I did.


"When you left...I thought you didn't love me any more. I thought you'd had enough of me and everyone and just ran. Lulu and Koji thought you'd had enough of them and Toriop, he's just dramatic. It's just, you didn't see Ami put the gun to her head. You didn't see the blood or hear the screams. Somewhere in my heart I felt pity for that girl. And her parents and Izzy. But I just want to know if you love me. If you don't, I'll leave. Do you love me Libby?" He asked. I turned and looked at him. The little girl had gone.

I pecked his lips. "More than ever. But when you were gone things...happened." I looked down. He lifted my chin.

"What.Things?" He said.

"I was nearly raped."


"Jack please don't shout. Yes I was nearly raped. But someone helped me, only to find out he wanted to rape me too so I ran. I lost my phone I stole a car I don't have any money and I used a thirty-eight year old womans passport. I did it all to find you."

"Libby...I'm not going to let anything happen to you from now on. If that happens again they say hello to lefty." He lifted his fist and I laughed. Tears dripping again.

"Don't cry Libby..." He held me in his arms.

"Jack...I'm crying because I'm happy." I smiled up at him and he leant in for a passionate kiss that I had been waiting for.

The End

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