An endless night

My mysterious saviour eventually put me down outside of a small restaurant located in the middle of nowhere. I sat down on one of the weak metal chairs outside, still slightly shaken, and by some small miracle, managed to compose myself.

"I'll go get some coffee for us ok?"


"Alright then."

I should have probablly been nicer to him, he had saved me after all, but I was still too upset, I was acting like a child. When he re-emerged with the drinks I sat silently and took him in.

He was very thin, to the point in which he was verging on skeletal. He had jet black hair that was oily, and had been slicked down to his scalp. He had a long curved nose and greasy skin, in fact, everything about him seemed greasy. Even the sickly smooth way he spoke. He looked very suspicious, but I knew not to judge a book by it's cover, and he must be a kind hearted man for rescuing me. 

As we drank he didn't seem to look away from me, his watery blue eyes were piercing. It soon became awkward so I attempted to make conversation.

"Thank you by the way..."

"For the Pepsi? Or for rescuing you?"

"Both I suppose... I'm Libby by the way, who may I ask are you?"

"My name doesn't matter. You won't be with me for long."

I looked at him, one eybrow raised. His smooth exterior had faltered. Just for a second. And I instantly realised he wasn't quite the angel I had let myself hope for.

Standing up suddenly I knocked the table aside, he pounced from his chair and grabbed my wrist, yanking me back towards him. I yelled out, twisting free of his grasp and running yet again. I heard his ragged breath gaining on me so I pulled out my gun and shoot it into the air.

He stopped running but I wasn't going to! I continued until I found a small alleyway, in hindsight not the best place to hide, but there was no-one in sight and I finally felt safe. And alone. I didn't cry, purely due to the fact that my eyes were sore from it already. I curled up on the filthy floor and looked for my phone. It must have fallen out of my pocket at some stage during all of my running.

I attempted to sleep away the endless night before a rat squeaked over my feet. I jumped out of my skin and ran from the safety of the alleyway, plunging alone into the freezing French night.

This was my fault. I shouldn't feel sorry for myself. Not that I had wanted Ami dead, I had never wanted that. Not for her or her parents... I wondered if this was all due to Jack. I didn't think so, he was amazing, but not that amazing. There had been stronger forces at work here, but it hadn't helped. And I felt bad that somehow Lulu and Koji had been wrapped up in it.

I wallowed in pity and sadness until I came to a park and curled up on a bench...

"Imagine if you were the one being cheated on!"

"You're worth more than that!"

"I thought you were such a nice girl!"

"You ran away..."

The memories of the last week circled my mind until I fell into a uncomfortable and dreamless sleep.

The End

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