The Runaway girl

Things got complecated. People got angry. People got upset. People got scared. Including me.

Ear-piercing screeches came from every direction around me as I looked up at the left over smoke in the black night sky from the gun. I turned to my left to see Ami's parents, her mother was on the ground. Dead. Her father was beside her on his knees, screaming and crying in pain. Many were screaming in french as I looked towards Ami.

She was completely still, frozen. She stared at her parents, tears tomenting her face which was covered and smudged in make-up. The gun was to her head. I turned back to her parents to see a million men dressed in black, guns pointing at her father. I had to leave. Now.

I ran for my life. I ran for everything. I ran for me and I ran to think. To think about what was happening and to think about why it was happening. To think about why her mother was dead and why her father was about to die. To think about why she had a gun to her head. My footsteps were heavy anhd slow, pulling me back as I forced my body away from the screaming crowds.

When I was away I lent against a tall building,slumping down onto the ground. I heard another gun shot and more screams. Then it ended. I had to think fast. Ami had just screamed. Jack had just shouted her name along with everyone else. Her mother was dead. Her father was about to die. Another gunshot and another shout and scream. Correction, now dead. I didn't know what was going on. Why was this happening. Wait, they were all in danger, Jack was in danger! I had to go back!

Heavy footsteps.

A large crowd was circled around them, I pushed myself through to the front and saw 3 ambulances, and 5 police cars. People shouting at eachother in french and bodies being taken away. I threw myself into Jack's arms.

"Thank god you're ok! I thought you got hurt!" I shouted at him. "What happened?!" I asked urgently.

"Ami's mother killed herself because she found out Izzy was dead. Ami then killed her father instead of the man pointing a gun at him. Then Ami killed herself." His face was plain but you could see the hurt and guilt in his eyes.

"Jack I-"I whispered.

"Maybe I held on, and didn't know when to let go," He gently pushed me away and got into Toriops car, driving away.

"Jack?" I whispered confused. Koji and Lulu walked up to me.

"You're my best friend, but we've been pulled into something we don't want to be in. I'm sorry." Lulu said without emotion,walking with Koji into the limo and driving away. Detective Toriop walked up to me, his hair was out of place which I had never seen before.

"She's dead. You can have your happily ever after now. Why? Because she's dead. How? Because you ran away like a baby. Why? No-one knows." He swiftly turned on one foot and walked away. What was going on?! I knew exactly what to do right now. To do what I always do. Run.

I arrived at a hotel. Prostitutes and drug dealers sat outside but I had a gun.I was running out of euroes and this was the cheapest hotel so I had to. I walked in and hired a room at the top of the building, speaking fluent french to the ugly fat man and signing a fake signature on the tea stained clip board.

I charged up the stairs and slammed the door, sitting on the end of the dirty bed that smelt of piss and sweat. I curled into a ball in buried my face in my knees. Lulu and Koji hated me, Toriop thought I was useless and Jack didn' me. I thought for hours as tears trickled down my face before coming downstairs and apoligising to the man for inconvenience. I gave him 15 euroes. My eyes were sore and I looked a mess. He obviously new I was English.

"You come with me, I make better." He smiled and grabbed my hand, pulling me outside to older men. "Look who I found!" He shouted at them. The men got up and smiled wickedly. Circling me.


"She's pretty."

"Sexy too!"

"Come with us!"

"We'll make you feel better yeah?" They all spoke well English and shoved me into a nearby alleyway. They threw my bag of money on the floor and started to rip my clothes off, pulling my hair and punching me.

"Get away from me! No! Stop! Help! HELP!" I screamed until a man shoved his tounge in mine. I slapped and punched and reached for my gun on the ground. The man kicked it away and kissed my neck. I punched his balls and grabbed the gun, shooting the air.

"She has gun! Run!" They all ran away, leaving me curled in a ball in the rain, frozen and bruised with the gun heald tightly in my hand. I screamed for help but my voice was feeble and fragile. I heard footsteps, a man, coming towards me but not very quickly.

"You didn't scream very well. I suppose I didn't get here in enough time. I heard you were in the incident up by the tower. I can help you if you promise not to shoot me." His angel voice wasn't Jack's. He picked me up in his iron arms and carried me to safety.

The End

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