My mind hurtled down the streets faster than my car, in my head I was already in France, facing off with Ami. I would imagine my whole journey over and over and over again but then my mind would stop when I reached Paris. I feared that I was trying to protect myself...

I couldn't sleep, so the long journey was no issue for me, and my mind was sharper at night. Eventually I drew up to passport control and realized I had no passport. Or ticket.

"Excuse me madame?"

I breathed in a deep breath of relief that curdled with the panic that still span round my stomach.

"Bertie?" I knew him from my fathers work, he was a close family friend and it was such a relief to see him. I quickly explained the situation in fluent french and he let me pass with a vip card. I thanked god for networking.

I drove my car up the shaky metal ramps and parked in the fume filled bay with the rest of the cars. I toyed with the idea of getting out and going up to the deck for a moment but decided not too, Ami could be up there, and even if not there was nothing I could do so I sat, paralysed, in the stolen car.

"Sorry Miss, you can't stay down here!"

Great. I dragged my broken body up the steps and lent against the barrier on the edge of the highest deck, there was noone up there so I wouldn't be disturbed. I spent the entire journey there, just staring down into the writhing sea.

My mind tried to continue on it's journey to Paris but I wouldn't allow it. It tried to think back to poor, innocent Izzy but I couldn't allow it. It attempted to make me give up, to just throw myself into the welcoming water, but I wouldn't allow it. My mind trembled under the strain. But I was clever, my mind was strong. And Ami wasn't.

Eventually we reached the edges of France, by this time my mind had cooled somewhat. Jack was such an idiot, only he could cause this much damage by dumping a girl. But I loved him. And no matter how many times I said it, I still meant it. I climbed down the steps and reached into my car. As I drove out of the ferry Bernie tapped on my window.

"Vous devrez peut-être ça..."

He held in his hand a small silver pistol, the light shone from it and darted around the parking bay so I feared it may catch attention. Opening the window I thanked him and took it. He was right, I would need it.

As I drove through Paris the lights shone and the people milled around, relaxing and enjoying the night, it would be great if I could do the same... Eventually I parked the car a few yardsaway from the tower and walked there, arriving bang on midnight. She was stood there, looking as Ugly and smug as ever. Jack was no where to be seen.

"Where is he Ami?"

"I dunno, what you askin' me for?"

"Ami, he went missing. In the middle of the night, at around the time you killed Izzy. I am remaining very calm. I am suggesting that we settle this like adults. But that won't work unless you tell me where he is right now."

"I told you I dunno!"

A red mist pulsed into my vision and I reached for the pistol. Nearby residents screamed and scrambled away.

"What you gonna shoot me?" She laughed and drew out her own weapon. But I hesitated, I couldn't kill her I knew I couldn't. And now she was aiming a gun at me.

"You know I won't." I looked at her face and thought about Jack. I loved him so much.

"Well I would! I've killed before!"

"I know, your poor little sister..." She lowered her weapon and, for a moment, I could have sworn I saw a tear in her wicked eyes. I was mistaken.

"Libby!" It was Jack. He stood between me and Ami and I melted into his arms, putting the safety back on my gun.

"What you doing here?!"

He turned to face her and took in a deep breath. I sensed an explaination.

"I go out for a drive then I come back to find ambulances and police everywhere, Lulu, Koji and Toriop in tears, Izzy dead and another car missing. And the worst part is noone knows where Libby is. However! Using my detective skills, I worked out that Ami, your parents own ice-cream restuarants yes? This covers up your drug dealing. And I worked out that the most famous of these stores is right here in Paris. The one to the left of us which has three heavily armed men looking out the window..."

I glanced round to see that he was right, a small ice-cream parlour swang open and three, decidedly dodgey, men burst out, they were holding guns but it seemed as through they were waiting for Ami's signal. I slipped my hand into Jack's and he held it firmly.

"The rest wasn't very difficult to work out, you wouldn't want to hurt her in any city you didn't have influence in, and so, I drove to France."

"Yeah yeah, I know you're clever honey, that's why I love you! I'm still gonna kill 'er though!"

"Is that so?"

A familier limosine screached around the corner. 

"My name is detective Toriop, and you are all under arrest!"

I saw him and Lulu and Koji and I felt my heart leap again! I was really getting weary of the ups and downs, but I just rode with it, enjoying the feeling of euphoria and seeing my friends and the detective looking so triumphant once more!

Before I heard a gunshot... And my heart came crashing down...

The End

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