A pen and some paper can mean a lot to someone

If you were here. I mean If you were here right now. What would you do? Everyone is asleep and you have no-one to go to. What do you do?Think. Well that's the thing. If you were me right now, you wouldn't be able to think. Because I can't. Everything goes so fast and your wondering if it is actually happening. 

I sat on the window ledge, the note in my hand. I traced my fingers over the words, feeling the harsh dents made in them on the paper. Reading again and again the simple words that meant so much. I had to leave. Now.

I looked down out of my window to see how he escaped. A rope at the bottom. Ab-sailed. One of Toriop's cars gone. Stolen. My phone started to ring so I quickly picked it up, trying not to wake anyone.

"Hello?" I whispered.

"Hello." Silence filled my empty head. She isn't giving up.

"I'm tired of phone calls. Where shall we meet?" I asked. "And where is Jack?!" I asked urgently.

"He isn't with me. He left. Aww, so your happily ever after didn't work out? Shame. Where shall we meet...hmm, how about France?" She played.

"Excuse me? If you don't tell me where he is-"

"I'm going to take the chance of leaving you be for a while. And your friends. I really wanted to kill Izzy though..." She sighed. "Meet me in Paris. Under the Eifell tower. Oh, and I suggest  you go find Izzy now." She giggled and hung up. I sat frozen. France. No answers. Explanations. France. Then something hit me. 

"Izzy!" I screamed dropping my phone and running into her room, the note tightly held in my palm. Blood stain. Oh my god. "Izzy?" I whispered uneasily. I bent down to look under her bed. There lay, Isabelle, blood on her back. Tape of her mouth. And several stabs in her stomach. "Izzy." I whispered uneasily. So young. I didn't have time. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I packed my bags ad wrote many notes.


Look under Izzy's bed. You don't know how much it hurt when I saw her face. I have to go. I have to go alone. She has Jack. There is nothing I can do, I'll explain everything...later.


I shoved the note under his bedside lamp and ran into mine and Lulu's room.


My best friend. Something has happened. Something big, I love you so much. You have always been there for me. But now I leave. Don't follow. Don't help. I'll explain everything if I come back. Tell Koji I love him. And as for Izzy, Toriop will explain. Find this. Read this. Good-bye.


Tears sprinkled down my cheeks violently as I shoved the note in one of her shoes and stole some of Toriop's money. Well not some a lot.  He had plenty he wouldn't mind. Then I sprinted out of door and stole one of his cars. He would be angry. Very angry. Sacrifices are made to help others.

Driving gave me time to think. Think about dates. And times. And Jack. The truth is I was tired. Of deaths and unhappiness. Of feelings. I couldn't do it any more.

I new where I was going. I new my town perfectly and it's surroundings. I would take the Ferry to Boulougne and travel in the car to Paris. There I would meet Ami. I needed more information. I grabbed my mobile.

*I'm tired of listening to you, so listen to me. You are a lot to deal with my friend and I'm getting fed up. I need more information. If you don't give me this information, then I'm not coming. What time are we meeting. Will Jack be there. If he isn't then I'll get to Paris and kill you first. You have caused pain. Not pain agony, and I'm not giving up until I find him.*

I slapped my mobile shut and carried on driving. I didn't care for her, I cared for him. After a few minutes my phone buzzed.

*Midnite. I cannot garuntee he'll be their.* 

I stared at the misspelt words and bad grammar. She's going down.


The End

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