Emotions don't exist

"Toriop has come up with another master plan!" He burst through the door nearly knocking me backwards. I gave him an evil glare over the top of Izzy's head that stopped him from getting too carried away.

"What is wrong?" The detective snatched Izzy away from me and lifted her so she looked him in the eye.

"What happened Izzy!" His voice was firm but filled with concern for the young girl. She seemed frightened nonetheless.

"A-a-ami... Shes coming!" The detective half threw her to the ground and turned away form us, his hand held theatrically to his brow.

"Perfect!" He twisted back round and looked at Izzy and I, an abnormally wild look in his eye.

"This is brilliant! Why? Because She is coming! Why is this good? Because I have the nessercary means to trap her! How so! Hoho! Wouldn't you like too know?! Enough rhymes! We must leave now! You knew this! Why must I explain?! Worst. Detectives. Ever."

He shot out of the room so fast that the gust of air threw my hair back. His cryptic speech could be a real hinderence at times... Izzy had stopped crying now, but she remained scared. There was no more for me to say at that point, so I just suggested that she go up and have a bath. As she left the room the others entered. I told them what Izzy had told me and matching looks of horror froze their face's.

"How did she know?" Koji said aloud my greatest worry. This could be a lie, a trap, it could be anything. But I knew one thing was true... That little girl was scared. She was determined that Ami would kill her, we were in the same boat, and no matter what I wouldn't let any harm come to her. Not while I lived.

After the explainations were done with Koji and Lulu headed up to bed, they must have picked up on the hateful look I gave Jack when he walked in. I said good night, the door slammed, and we were alone.

"I'm sorry Libby..."

"Good." He looked hurt, he had no right to be! Not after everything he had done to me and my friends. I fixed him with the same dark glare that Toriop had felt earlier.

"Libby? You do forgive me right?"

I remained silent as I poured myself pepsi, to steady the nerves.

"It's just that... You never really said you forgave me..."

As I went to take a sip he grabbed my other wrist and I span round to face him again.

"That's because I don't."

It was as if you could hear his heart break.


"You hurt me. You got another girlfriend. You hurt my friends and I. We were beaten up by the afore mentioned. You hurt me again! We were almost killed! You even hurt Izzy, and Annie! People you don't even know are suffering because you're an idiot!"

I saw the tears well again in his eyes. In my head I pictured Izzy's. I cared not.

"You think that didn't hurt me too?!"

"I don't care Jack! I really don't care! Because right now, Me and my friends are under threat. She. Will. Kill. Us. Why? Because she is so in love with you it's driven her off the edge! Why? Because you left me for her! Why? Well thats exactly it... There is no reason why! No reason at all."

"Libby I love you so much, I never meant for this to happen..."

"But it did! It did!" He reached over and tried to put his arms round me, I automatically melted into them before remembering my rage and jerking away.

"I-I love you..." His voice was shaky, reminding me of when we were children. I looked at him. He was the same Jack. The same beautiful eyes and incredible looks... I still loved him with my entire heart, not that I knew it at that moment, but I was trapped in a tornado of emotions and after all the hurt I had suffered one of them stood ontop. I looked Jack straight in the eye, my gaze unwavering.

"I hate you."

"I don't care. You can hate me as much as you want. I'll always love you."

I think he must have been under the impression I would submit in the same way I had that night when we slept together. He was wrong. I looked back at him and he knew that I meant what I said. He didn't say anything else, he merely went back to his room in silence. He didn't look like he was crying, I guess he wanted to retain some dignity, but I knew that he wanted to.

I looked at the clock hanging above the fridge and saw that it was midnight. The others would be asleep by now. I went back into the coffee room to finish my pepsi. I sat there for a good half hour and tears fell freely from my eyes. I wanted to go back. I wanted to be off of this roller-coaster! Even if I was upset I just wanted the world to sit still, I had had enough of the ups and downs, the pros and cons, the constant changing of moods! I wept silently and tried to force down my emotions, without Jack I had no need for them, unable to sleep in the knowledge that Ami was coming.

"Bad day?"

"Isn't everyday?"

Toriop sat down on the sofa opposite me. I tried to hide my tears from him.

"Don't bother I know you've been crying. How? Because the young idiot is up in his room crying so hard I fear he may try to kill himself..."

"What does that have to do with me?" I had stopped crying. In fact I had stopped feeling altogether... The empty sensation I had attempted to create was oddly calming.

"You love him. He loves you. This I know."

"Love doesn't exsist. Emotions aren't real... They are just chemicals in your brain designed to cloud your judgement and lead you into bad situations."

"I don't believe you! The fact that a lovely young lady can say something so foul and wrong upsets me!" I remained silent and took another sip of pepsi before changing the subject.

"What did you say on the phone earlier?"

"The man who deals the drugs uses Ami's family to do so, he told me all about them. They are some kind of modern day mafia who the police have been suspicious of for a while. Problem is, someone in their family is in the force, leading them off of the trail. They are the reason I get no police support. Ami will be here soon but I think we should be safe long enough to get out. When she comes and no-one is here I will arrest her for trespassing. A simple yet elegant plan, the great Toriop strikes again!"


"I don't like this one bit Libby."


"You trying to block out your emotions! It brings a tear to my eyes! How can you attempt to claim they don't exsist when they are so obviously tearing at your soul!" He got to his feet, sticking a stray bit of hair back into his rock solid quiff.

"Why is that wrong? I'm better of this way. Look where feeling got me."

"But what is the point without them?"

"There isn't one, there never was anyway, we all die eventually. They don't exsist."

"Want proof?"

"There is none."

"Jack is dead."

As he said those words and they rang in my ears my emotions broke down the barrier and flooded back through my veins! I felt my head spin, a lump at the back of my throat attacked the back of my mouth in an attempt to make me gag and my stomach churned even more than it had when I saw Annie's corpse!

"Not really, I just wanted to prove to you that emotions are real."

I sat back up, my body returning to normal. I fixed the detective with an evil stare.

"That was cruel!"

"But it worked!"

I clenched my shaking hands into fists before relaxing, this was no way to set about doing things, I was cleverer than that, hurting Jack wouldn't solve anything, no matter how angry I was. Me and Toriop finished our drinks before I made my way upstairs, I realised that life was full of ups and downs, and the only reason we could live with them was because we had someone we loved in our lives.

I Knocked gently on Jack's door to apologize. As I entered the cold room my blood froze. I looked over to the open window and saw an envelope on the empty bed...

To Libby

I opened it with trembeling fingers...

I love you xxx

The End

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