When you spend life with someone like Jack, you never really turn back and smell the roses. To ever notice how life is so complecated. Regret has never been a pretty thing, I have known this for a while. But when regret comes back and gets you, you notice a lot.

But I'm fed up with waiting. I'm fed up of waiting for life to turn around so I can rest. So I can play my musical box backwards to listen to the jumbled up lullaby that seems to get a child to sleep. My musical box goes backwards because I have a backwards life, nothing goes right yet nothing goes wrong. You wouldn't want to borrow my box.

Sight and sound seem so confusing, and before you know it your me. A nightmare chasing after you but your not noticing because your with Jack. And Lulu and Koji because you've found your real friends where you began at the start.


"Will you hurry up already Ami! I'm sick of looking at Libby's tortured face! It's horrible! I want to go home!" I hissed into the phone.

"You listen and you listen good you little... I've killed people before, and I'm not stopping until she's dead. Understand?" She screamed back at me. "If you don't do this you wont be waking up tomorrow." I could hear her smile.

"Ami!You're my sister, how can you do this?! I don't care if I never wake up again because that girl, is a lovely person! And just because a stupid boy dosen't like you, you have to go all sycho! This isn't right! And I'm not doing this for you any more!"


I walked towards the crying, heartbroken young girl in the large kitchen. She snapped her phone shut and banged it on the floor and looked up at me. She ran up to me and hugged me tightly.

"This is all my fault, she's coming, you know that? Once she's killed me it's all over. I'm too young to die. I can't die." She whispered. I looked down at the horrified girl.

"You cannot cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water." I sighed at what my mother said to me as a kid when I didn't do my chores. How weird. She looked up at me. "Ami will never hurt you, or me, or anyone. Ever, we have to tell Detective Toriop about this-"

"No!She'll be even worse!"She screamed pulling my hand back when I tried to walk away. I bent down to her face level.

"Listen. She will be worse, I can't guarantee she wont hurt us. But I'll protect you, in order to keep you alice we have to tell Mr Toriop and you have to trust me. Do you understand?" I whispered in a slow voice. She froze in my arms. "What is it!" I said urgently.

"She said that to me. She said understand...."She sniffed.

"Come on." I took her hand and pulled her along to see Mr Toriop.

Explanations. Tears. Fear. What next? Let me think...I know what It will be. Death.

I knew we wold be travelling. It was obvious. We could never say in the same place she would be coming after us. And we had to see where the...drug dealer lived and sold his, objects. The only thing running through my head was Jack. This was all his fault. He had to love her again. Then we wouldn't get hurt. Buit I'm not going to hurt Jack just to make some of our lives easier. It isn't worth it. And it isn't worth not seeing him. Poor Izzy, she is so young. She dosen't deserve this.

None of us do.

The End

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