The 'key'

Eventually the sun began to rise so we made our way back to our rooms quietly, trying not to wake any of the others. When I reached my room I found the light on. Realising that I must have worried Izzy I kissed Jack goodnight and slipped back into my room.

"Good night?" She was sat on the side of her bed, cluching a hot chocolate with both hands, she looked as though she had been crying.

"Umm, yes... I'm sorry did I wake you?"

"No not at all." Her voice sounded cold, and even in the artificial light that filled the room her eyes appeared dark. She looked very fragile, I hadn't really noticed before because of her mature attitude and the dark circles beneath her eyes, but she was younger than the rest of us.


"Yes?" Her voice had returned to it's normal, sunny, carefree tone.

"How old are you?"

"I am twelve years old."

"And how did you get here?" Her face turned dark again and I felt that I probably shouldn't have asked the last question.

"You're not the only person to have been attacked by Ami." She rolled over and faced the wall, obviously uneager to continue our convorsation. I let the subject drop and turned of the light.

As I tried to sleep, the hideous image of Ami's mangled sister kept trying to jerk me awake. Everytime I allowed my mind to stray I broke out in a cold sweat, the only thing that gave me peace was the thought of dancing with Jack beneath the stars, so in that way I eventually yo-yoed to sleep.

When I woke up the next morning I woke determined, I was no longer an innocent high school student, I was a detective on a mission! I had actually done a degree in phycology, so had no problems in assuming that role... I tucked into my cornflakes with a renewed vigor that seemed to worry Lulu.

"Umm Libs?"

I looked up to see that everyone around the table was straing at me.

"What is it?!"

"Young lady seems overly excited this morning! Why? Because she has been thrown in an epic adventure of epic proportions! Why? Because she is in love with an idiot! How do I know this? Because I am Detective Toriop! Now let us emulate her 'gusto'!"

He picked up his bowl and shovelled huge mouthfulls of cereal into his mouth, I was confused for a moment before noticing the milk that was dribbling down my chin... I laughed and looked around the table at my friends, we were acting so calm. But I knew that there was a fire in our hearts now that meant Ami wouldn't escape.

"Let us away!" The detective stood up suddenly, and with so much force that the whole dining table tipped over and emptied it's load onto Koji.

"Please could you not..."

"Silence Nerd!" He covered Koji's mouth with his hand for a moment before running off into the lounge. When we joined him (filled with trepidation and fear) he was sat in the coffee room, ontop of the coffee machine. He held his phone aloft like a trophy.

"Do you know what this is?"

"It is a phone." Jack's sarcastic response made me giggle slightly. Toriop hit him over the back of the head.

"No! Well yes but that wasn't the response I had planned! This is a key! What to? Nothing! It's a phone! Then why did I say key? Because it is the key to discovery!"

He dialled a number on the phone and we heard a voice on the other end.


"Well good morning fine sir!"

"Who the heck is this freak?!"

"I applaud your control over the third person! Now we have issues to discuss..." He shooed us from the room and continued his conversation in private.

"What do you think he's doing?"

"Obviously talking on the phone."

"Yes but who to?"

"The drug dealer duh!"

We sat in silence for about 2 hours waiting, eventually the detective appeared in the hallway grim-faced.

"I think I know what we're dealing with."

The End

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