Tokyo silent

"Libby, Libby," A calm, beautiful voice whispered my name. I tensely opened one eye to see Jack, his hair like it always is, fully dressed. 

"Jack what are you?-"I croaked and he yanked me out of bed.

"Put you dressing-gown on I want to show you something," He smiled and winked at me. I didn't get a chance to put it on he was so excited, he pulled me along, higher up stairs, my dressing-gown tightly in my hand until he banged open a door and I froze. "It's beautiful, isn't it," He whispered to me.

I dropped my gown and walked towards the wall, looking at the city and the lights and the stars. It looked like Tokyo except it was silent. "," I replied. He came up behind me and wrapped the gown around my shoulders before leaning on the wall.

"It's the most romantic place i've ever seen," He smiled at me. I blushed.

"Mmhm," I mumbled, dazed by it's beauty.

"It's sounds kindof cheesy, you want to dance Libby?" He asked running over to a c.d player on a box and playing my favourite song before running back to me and taking my hand.

I smiled. "I do." I whispered happily as we twirled together under the stars, the beat addicting as we slowly twisted together and apart, his hand lightly on my hip and mine on his shoulder. "This is nice," I smiled. He simply just smiled back, he didn't want to interrupt the moment. I gently moved my head onto his shoulder as the music slowed, moving from side to side swiftly.

"I love you," He whispered. "No matter what happens you and me will always be together, if you die I'm coming up next," He lifted my chin up, forcing me to look at him.

"I love you to, if we die, we die together," I smiled as he gently pecked my lips as we cuddled under the stars. Nothing could be better than this, even if Ami was about to barge in and kill me I was in Jack's arms. And she wasn't.

The End

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